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How you can help Isreal
How you can help Israel
  1. Victims of Terror:

    Immediate financial assistance to the 2,000+ families of individuals who have been killed, wounded, or kidnapped. 
  2. Evacuation and Support for Frontline Communities:

    Evacuation of residents from the south to safer parts of Israel; providing frail elderly and others who cannot leave their homes with food, generators, and medical services; supporting youth activities; and providing emergency cash assistance. We are also helping towns replace essential security and emergency services infrastructure and equipment; assisting agriculture businesses that have sustained tremendous losses. 
  3. Emergency Medical Assistance and Healthcare:

    Providing medical supplies and equipment for first responders and hospitals in the south. Supplies intended for months have been used up in days. The need for lifesaving equipment like X-ray machines, infusion pumps, and operating tables is greater than what hospitals have on hand. 
  4. Support Emergency Operations and Recovery Efforts:

    The demand for first responders is unprecedented. Ambulances are in need of supplies, medics are in need of protective gear to treat victims even while rockets are incoming, and the bodies of those who have died must be collected and cared for with dignity.
  5. Special Populations:

    Offering targeted assistance to vulnerable populations and their caregivers, including the elderly, young children, people living with disabilities, and marginalized populations, such as the Ultra-Orthodox and Bedouin communities. As well specialized support for Holocaust survivors. We are providing trauma care, food, medication, and homecare to survivors.
Federation CJA remains in close contact with our overseas partners, and we anticipate an unprecedented need for funds for the above and more:
Essential supplies

Water, food, clothing, medicine, baby products, generators, and other needed supplies for thousands evacuated from the war zone

Trauma and emotional first aid

To fund mental health professionals to provide emergency support to frontline workers and devastated residents

Protective equipment

and emergency kits for first responders

Assistance to vulnerable populations

Food packages, check-ins from professional staff, respite programs, and psychological counselling for Holocaust survivors and other seniors in areas threatened by rocket fire


Federation CJA is absorbing all administrative and operational costs and is dedicated to ensuring that 100% of donations to the Israel Emergency Fund aids those devastated by the war.

How you can help Isreal
How you can help Israel

What is Federation CJA's Israel Emergency Fund, and why was it established?

How are funds allocated for the Israel campaign?

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Does Federation CJA fund the Israeli army and soldiers?

How does Federation CJA collaborate with organizations in Israel to maximize the impact?

Is my donation to the Israel Emergency Fund eligible for a charitable tax receipt?

How can I talk to my children about the situation in Israel?

What are some ways I can help support Israel?

What measures are in place for community security?

What security protocols are in place on campus to address incidents of antisemitism or hate?

How can I stay informed about the current situation in Israel?

How you can help Isreal
How you can help Israel

As the war continues, many of us are looking for ways to show our support and solidarity with our Israeli family. Although distance may lie between us, our unity and collective action bridge that gap, sending a powerful message of solidarity to our kin in Israel.

Donate to the Israel Emergency Fund

Federation CJA and its global partners are currently focused on supporting the immediate needs that have emerged since the war began. Your gift to our Israel Emergency Fund will be invested immediately in the organizations, programs, and equipment that are needed to save Israeli lives, right now and in the future.


For more information about funds allocation, please visit Where Your Support Goes.

Federation CJA is absorbing all administrative and operational costs and is dedicated to ensuring that 100% of donations to the Israel Emergency Fund aids those devastated by the war.

Donate urgently needed supplies and essentials

We're actively collecting items that will be directly delivered to displaced families in Israel. To see the list of required items, drop-off times, and locations, please visit the Jlive page. We kindly request that all donations be new, unopened, and match the items listed on the page.

For real-time updates on drop-off locations and the items currently needed, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Jlive.


Volunteer opportunities are taking place regularly, so don't miss out on the chance to make a difference. Sign up here to receive updates on volunteering dates, times and locations, and follow @FederationCJA on Instagram, Facebook, and Jlive to discover new and impactful ways you can get involved.

Make cards for our brave IDF soldiers

Your words can make a world of difference. Bring comfort to our IDF soldiers so they feel the outpouring of love and support from our Montreal Jewish community through Federation CJA’s Cards for Caring project. It's easy and can be done in a few simple steps: Take a few minutes to write a message of hope, care, and love to our Israeli soldiers and drop them off at one of our locations. Messages will be included in care packages delivered by Federation CJA to Israel. Please help us show them they are not alone!

Click here to view our guide for writing messages and templates for drawings to send to IDF soldiers.

For Drop-off times and locations, please visit our Jlive page.

Can’t make it to a drop-off point? No problem!  Here are two more options: Submit your letter here, and our team will print your message, or submit a drawing or letter digitally by posting it to social media and tagging @FederationCJA #MTLcardsforcaring.

Come together at one of the many events in support of Israel

Jlive is your hub for local events and programs. As the tragic events continue in Israel, it's crucial to rally our community in support. To access any programs, gatherings, or initiatives in response to or in support of the situation in Israel, visit our Israel in Crisis Jlive page and sign up for local events.

If you’re a host community organization looking to add your event to our Jlive page, please contact [email protected].

Join the Blue Ribbon Campaign

Join the #BlueRibbonsForIsrael global solidarity campaign. The blue ribbon symbolizes support and hope for the safe return of the hostages kidnapped by Hamas terrorist in Israel. It symbolizes solidarity with the hostages, their families, and all who care about their safety.

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