Community Security Network
Community Security Network


In case of emergency, please immediately call 911, and report all incidents to the Community Security Network hotline at 514-343-4343.

As the central organizing body for the Montreal Jewish community, Federation CJA is taking a significant role ensuring that Jewish life in our institutions, synagogues, and Jewish day schools can continue to operate with a sense of security.


With the scourge of antisemitism and the continued calls for violence against Jews, Federation CJA is playing a leading role in navigating and responding to the growing and evolving needs of our community.

To fortify the security and confidence of our collective, we have implemented strategic measures to counter antisemitic threats. By actively engaging with key political figures and the Montreal Police Department, Federation CJA has been advocating for comprehensive protection and the effective enforcement of laws to combat antisemitic incidents. Click here to read the latest community security updates.

Beyond addressing immediate threats, Federation CJA is committed to fostering an environment where antisemitism and hate have no place on university and CEGEP campuses. We believe in the importance of cultivating a safe and inclusive educational environment, free from discrimination. To familiarize yourself with the policies of each educational institution, gain insight into the process of filing a complaint, and access the support resources available at every University and CEGEP, please consult the comprehensive Student Resource Guide.

At Federation CJA, we believe that a united and vigilant community is the strongest defense against antisemitism. Join us in our commitment to combating hatred, and building a future where all members of our community can thrive without fear. Together, we stand united against antisemitism.


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How can I stay informed about ongoing security measures and updates from Federation CJA?


Nothing is more critical than the safety and well-being of our community. If you SEE SOMETHING – SAY SOMETHING. Always call the Police (9-1-1) and then report your interaction to the Community Security Network.

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