Impact Priorities

Informed by its strategic analysis and suffused with its core values, Federation CJA has identified three priority impact areas for the period of the current Strategic Plan, namely: Delivering Community Care with Compassion; Strengthening Jewish Life and Continuity; and Advancing Jewish Communal Interests. These impact priorities reflect Federation CJA’s ongoing commitment to the Jewish community.

Delivering Community Care with Compassion



Dignified Living – Disability Inclusion – Responding to Critical Situations

Supporting those who are vulnerable and in greatest need, in keeping with our Jewish value of Chesed, is a paramount  expression of our collective responsibility for the well-being of the entire Jewish community. Poverty is a reality for some  twenty percent of Montreal Jews who struggle to meet both their basic human needs as well as their individual Jewish  needs, a fact that deeply touches us all. Federation CJA’s primary commitment is in ensuring that every community  member is able to meet them all (appropriately supplementing support provided by the various levels of government). This is especially true for our community’s seniors and holocaust survivors. Federation CJA is committed to ensuring the provision of crucial resources for Jewish community members living with a disability. It will ensure that Montreal Jews facing critical situations (e.g. physical abuse, mental illness, etc.) are supported in securing essential resources in a timely way. Overall, Federation CJA aims to enable community members to live with dignity.


Strengthening Jewish Life and Continuity


Access to Jewish Life – Jewish Education and Camping – Israel Experience and Engagement – Leadership Development

In Canada, the 2018 Survey of Jews in Canada pointed to a resilient, cohesive and increasingly diverse Jewish community, with community members finding their source of identity less in religion than in culture and ethnicity. Cognizant of this trend, guided by a commitment to Klal Israel, Federation CJA endeavours to preserve and strengthen the quality of Jewish life, engagement and identity of diverse community members across Greater Montreal. This commitment includes ensuring the broadest possible exposure of all community members to Jewish experiences that are accessible and tailored to their needs and interests. It includes making high quality, formal and informal, Jewish identity and engagement programming both affordable and accessible. This includes Jewish education, Jewish camping and in other informal and innovative Jewish programming. This commitment entails supporting community members in pursuing meaningful connections with our extended family in Israel. It also translates into building the community’s dynamic and diverse lay and professional leadership. 



Advancing Jewish Communal Interests



Combatting Antisemitism and Racism – Ensuring Safety and Security – Commitment to Israel 

With antisemitism and racism ever-present in Montreal, and continuing to rise around the world, Federation CJA reaffirms its commitment to work with a diversity of Jewish and non-Jewish community and government partners in addressing their systemic roots and direct manifestations. Indeed, with a recent and marked increase in harassment, vandalism, and violence in evidence, the safety and the security of Jewish communities in Montreal will remain a priority throughout the strategic period. Finally, in recognition of the Montreal Jewish community’s commitment to the State of Israel, Federation CJA continues to provide financial support, thought leadership and above all a steadfast relationship with the people and the country. 


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