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February 2019

Federation CJA

  • Federation CJA marks Jewish Disability Awareness, Acceptance and Inclusion Month (The Suburban)
    Federation CJA's Women's Philanthropy held a powerful evening recently as part of the celebration of Jewish Disability, Awareness, Acceptance and Inclusion Month (JDAIM) throughout North America.
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April 2018

Federation CJA

  • Yair Szlak named new CEO of Federation CJA in Montreal (Canadian Jewish News)
    Yair Szlak, who has held various posts within Federation CJA in Montreal for more than 15 years, has been promoted to chief executive officer, effective May 1.
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November 2017

Combined Jewish Appeal Campaign

  • Ray Donovan star, McGill student at centre of controversy speak at gala (Canadian Jewish News)
    The 2017 Combined Jewish Appeal campaign raised a record of just under $52 million, which was celebrated at a gala event.
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September 2017 - Issue 18

2017 Samuel Bronfman Medal

  • Historic Federation AGM pays tribute to Jonathan Wener (The Suburban)
    The 2017 Combined Jewish Appeal campaign raised a record of just under $52 million, which was celebrated at a gala event.
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Combined Jewish Appeal Campaign

  • CJA launch hears about how it’s helped the community (Canadian Jewish News)
    Hearing tales of domestic abuse brought a touch of reality to the otherwise whimsical launch of the 100th Combined Jewish Appeal (CJA) campaign.
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  • Montreal's 100th Combined Jewish Appeal Campaign (The Suburban)
    The launch of the 100th Combined Jewish Appeal at New City Gas paying tribute to the vast network of everyday superheroes in the Montreal Jewish community touches the true centrality of the Jewish expression, and that expression is the Jewish heart.
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  • 100th CJA campaign celebrates past, looks to future (Canadian Jewish News)
    The 100th Combined Jewish Appeal (CJA) campaign, which launched on August
    23, is led by two people whose families have lived in Montreal, risen to prominence in the community and left their mark on Quebec as a whole over the past century.
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  • Frédéric Dayan, président de la Campagne sépharade de l’AJU (Canadian Jewish News)
    En 1987, sous la présidence de Raoul Dayan, la Campagne sépharade de l’Appel Juif Unifié (AJU) de la FÉDÉRATION CJA a atteint un montant record: 1 million de dollars. Trente ans plus tard, son fils, Frédéric Dayan, reprend le flambeau.
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Federation CJA Centennial: Grants

  • Louis Gontovnick reflects on home life in Ste. Sophie (Canadian Jewish News)
    His son, Howard, developed the exhibit to coincide with Federation CJA’s 100th year celebration of Jewish life in Canada.
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  • A walk through the Sephardic history of Montreal (Canadian Jewish News)
    The history of Montreal’s Sephardi Jewish community is uncovered on the Museum of Jewish Montreal’s (MJM) newest walk.
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  • Take a walk through Sephardic Montreal’s illustrious history (Times of Israel)
    Visitors to the Museum of Jewish Montreal can see a glorious -- and sometimes troubled -- side of the city's Jewish past like never before.
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Exponential: Redesigning Community Conference

  • Exponential featured on Breakfast Television
    Breakfast Television host Joanne Vrakas talks about Bethenny Frankel’s visit to Exponential and Federation CJA’s 100th anniversary.
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  • Scheduled speakers include Just For Laughs COO Bruce Hills, philanthropist Stephen Bronfman, and Skinnygirl CEO and reality TV star Bethenny Frankel (Mtl Times / Stuart Nulman Grapevine)
    To mark Federation CJA’s centennial anniversary, GenMTL, its division solely dedicated to the young generation of Jewish Montrealers, will hold the inaugural edition of the “Exponential: Redesigning Community Conference”.
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  • Exponential featured on CJAD
    The Wise Women radio show welcomed Federation CJA into their studio on August 20.
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  • Exponential featured on 94.7FM Hits
    Feature on Exponential as a big event coming to Montreal.
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Partner Programs and Initiatives

  • CIJA and more than 50 Diverse Community Organizations Unite Against Hate (CIJA)
    The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) and more than 50 community organizations united to issue a joint declaration against hate. Groups representing a broad cross-section of Canadian society signed the declaration, including Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, African-Canadian, Chinese-Canadian, LGBTQ+, and student organizations.
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  • Canada should recognize Roma genocide: Holocaust centre (Canadian Jewish News)
    Canada should formally recognize the deaths of Roma people during the Nazi era as a genocide, says the Montreal Holocaust Museum (MHM), which has joined with the Roma community to urge the Trudeau government to make Aug. 2 an official day of remembrance.
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  • CIJA-Québec applauds ratification of McGill ruling declaring BDS discriminatory
    The Board of Directors of the Student Society of McGill University (SSMU) ratified the ruling of its Judicial Board on the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions (BDS) campaign.
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Federation CJA: Press Mentions

  • Community commemorates Canadian Jewish veterans (The Suburban)
    The annual ceremony to honour Canada’s Jewish war dead and veterans was held at the Baron de Hirsch cemetery’s military section on De La Savane.
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  • New ramp is part of temple’s commitment to inclusion (Canadian Jewish News)
    This fall, the temple will bring back the Art Hive, a program it ran successfully last year, as part of a movement aimed at creating community among people of all abilities, ages and backgrounds – whether temple members or not.
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  • In gratitude: Jack Hasen, 2017 Yakir Award recipient (United Israel Appeal)
    On May 3, 2017, at a festive ceremony held in Jerusalem, the Yakir Keren Hayesod award was bestowed by Minister of Defense Avigdor Liberman and by KH leadership upon Jack Hasen.
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July 2017 - Issue 17

Federation CJA Centennial

  • Exploring Montreal Jewish history à pied (Canadian Jewish News)
    More than 350 Jewish Montrealers came out for the Mission to Montreal, a series of walking tours on June 11 that highlighted the community’s deep roots in Quebec, as part of Federation CJA’s centennial festivities.
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  • Federation CJA honours volunteer leaders (The Suburban)
    Federation CJA, as part of its Centennial Year celebrations, held its first Jewish Leadership Recognition Awards ceremony at the Gelber Centre.
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  • Federation CJA gives kavod (Canadian Jewish News)
    Federation CJA’s Jewish Leadership Recognition Awards pay tribute to excellence in leadership and in programming – in our own community, and beyond.
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Federation CJA Centennial: Chagall Exhibit

  • MMFA's Chagall Colour and Music a runaway success with 302,992 visitors (The Suburban)
    The MMFA also welcomed 3,500 students from Montreal Jewish high schools, who were able to deepen their understanding of the work of Chagall with the help of guided tours, thanks to the support of the Federation CJA.
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  • Students create artwork inspired by Chagall (Canadian Jewish News)
    Paintings by Jewish day school students, both elementary and high school, who were inspired by their visit to the MMFA’s Chagall: Colour and Music exhibition, were on display in Montreal.
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Federation CJA Centennial: Grants

  • Exploring the historic role of Jewish immigrants in Canada (Mike Cohen Blog)
    As part of the Federation CJA 100 Year Celebration, in association with the Côte Saint-Luc Public Library and the Côte Saint-Luc Historical Society – the public is invited to explore the historic role of Jewish immigrants to Canada who became independent farmers and community builders throughout the province of Quebec.
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Partner Programs and Initiatives

  • Les élèves de Bialik célèbrent la langue française (Canadian Jewish News)
    “Le français pour l’avenir” est l’un des programmes novateurs initiés par le Centre Bronfman de l’éducation juive (BJEC) de la FÉDÉRATION CJA en étroit partenariat avec onze écoles juives.
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Federation CJA: Press Mentions

  • Housefather celebrates Jewish Canadian contributions (The Suburban)
    “Federation is our prime organization that gathers all the other Jewish organizations,” said Housefather. “I hope in Canadian Jewish Heritage Month, all Canadians will take the time to learn about their local Jewish communities.”
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June 2017 - Issue 16

Montreal Mega Mission: Centennial Edition

  • A special 1000 for a special 100th (The Suburban)
    As part of the unparalleled year of events celebrating the centennial of Federation CJA, nearly 1000 Montrealers — non-Jews among them — are participating in the largest Mega-Mission ever organized by any Jewish community anywhere to demonstrate solidarity with our sister democracy in the Middle East.
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  • Over 900 head to Israel on Federation CJA mission (Canadian Jewish News)
    More than 900 people, one of whom is 100 years old, departed for Israel on the Montreal Mega Mission, a highlight of Federation CJA’s centennial activities.
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  • CJA Mission brings 900 to Israel (eJewish Philanthropy)
    More than 900 people, one of whom is 100 years old, departed for Israel on the Montreal Mega Mission, a highlight of Federation CJA’s centennial activities.
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  • Rivlin: No gap between Israel as a Jewish and democratic state (Arutz Sheva)
    President Rivlin speaks to Montreal Jewish Federation delegation at Jerusalem event.
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  • Rivlin speaks to delegation from Montreal (Times of Israel)
    “Today, the State of Israel is a proud democracy, and I can assure you, there is no gap between Israel as a Jewish state and as a democratic state,” Rivlin tells the delegation in Jerusalem.
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  • Rivlin to Montreal Jewish Federation: Israel Both Jewish and Democratic State (Jewish Press)
    The delegation, led by Federation President Evan Feldman, is visiting Israel to mark the organization’s centenary, and to celebrate 50 years since the reunification of Jerusalem. The meeting with the president was also attended by Canada’s Ambassador to Israel, Deborah Lyons.
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  • O, Canada! Israel Photo of the Week (Atlanta Jewish Times)
    Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and Canadian Ambassador Deborah Lyons greet each other during a visit by members of Montreal’s Federation CJA to Jerusalem.
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  • All aboard the Shaar bus for an exciting Israeli adventure (Shaar Hashomayim Blog)
    The Shaar bus will be led by Rabbi Adam and Rabba Abby Scheier, and bus captains Mark and Judy Caplan and Eve Rochman and Rick Boretsky. They have recruited a wonderful cross-section of Shaar members ranging in age from 18-90 years old.
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Montreal Mega Mission: Centennial Edition - In Hebrew / בעברית

  • באהבה ממונטריאול / From Montreal with Love (Be’er Sheva News)
    About a thousand members of the Jewish community from Canada visited Be’er Sheva.
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  • בישראל לביקור ממונטריאול / Israel gets a visit from Montreal (Arutz Sheva)
    A delegation from the Jewish Federation of Montreal, with close to 1000 participants aged 18 to 100 will visit Israel and travel across the country. 
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  • שבע לבאר מקנדה יגיעו משתתפים 900- מ יותר / More than 900 participants will arrive from Canada to Be'er Sheva (Be’er Sheva News)
    The Jewish community of Montreal, with more than 900 participants, will arrive in Israel and travel all over the country in order to strengthen community ties.
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  • לישראל ממונטריאול / From Montreal to Israel (Kol Ha Zman)
    More than 900 participants travel to Israel as part of the Mega Mission.
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  • שבע באר על פשט ''מונטריאול כוח '' / "Montreal Force" invades Be’er Sheva (Branza News)
    Young people from Canada "raided" the city's neighbourhoods and contributed their talents to renovations and improvement.
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Federation CJA Centennial

  • CSL salutes Federation CJA on 100 years (Nashen Notes Blog)
    The city of Cote Saint-Luc passed a motion to recognize Federation CJA on the occasion of its 100th anniversary. Video included in post.
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  • CSL resolution marks Federation CJA's 100th (The Suburban)
    Côte St. Luc council unanimously passed a resolution last week marking the 100th anniversary of the Jewish community organization Federation CJA.
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Federation CJA Centennial: Grants

  • Leonard Cohen looms large at Montreal's Mural International Public Art Festival (The Gazette)
    The Cohen tribute, expected to be complete by the end of the month, is the centrepiece of the fifth Mural International Public Art Festival, which was launched Thursday and will feature works – mostly around the Main – of artists from seven countries. Among the Mural fest’s partners in the Cohen project are the Société de développement du boulevard Saint-Laurent and Federation CJA, as well as the owners of the Cooper Building, Moishe’s and parking lots in the area.
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  • Une grande oeuvre murale en hommage à Leonard Cohen au festival MURAL (Eristik)
    Le festival international d’art public MURAL a annoncé qu’il réalisera, pour sa 5e édition débutant ce jeudi 8 juin, une grande oeuvre murale en hommage au regretté Leonard Cohen.
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  • Une deuxième oeuvre murale en l'honneur de Leonard Cohen (La Presse)
    Dans le cadre du Festival international d'art public MURAL, qui commence jeudi, l'artiste Kevin Ledo réalisera une murale sur la façade sud de l'Édifice Cooper du boulevard Saint-Laurent, pas très loin du lieu où a habité Leonard Cohen.
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  • Segal Centre Celebrates with a Century Songbook (Canadian Jewish News)
    This season will include the Dora Wasserman Yiddish Theatre’s special limited engagement of A Century Songbook, conceived in honour of Federation CJA’s Centennial.
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  • Comedians want to bring Yiddish humour to TV (The Jerusalem Post)
    Eli Batalion and Jamie Elman’s Yidlife Crisis TV show would introduce a cast of characters from other religious and cultural backgrounds who grapple with similar questions of identity.
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Federation CJA Generations Fund

  • Gift allows 800 kids to receive free Jewish books (Canadian Jewish News)
    Montreal-area children will be receiving free Jewish-themed books – delivered right to their doorstep each month – thanks to a gift from the estate of Abraham Ulaine, who died in November. This brings the number of local children enrolled in PJ Library to 3,350.
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Partner Programs and Initiatives

  • Historic First, Sitting Quebec Premier Leads Delegation to Israel (The Gazette)
    From May 20 to 25, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard led an important trade delegation to Israel to promote the exchange of knowledge and encourage new business agreements between Quebec and Israel.  It was a historic first to have a sitting Quebec Premier leading an official delegation to Israel. The Premier thanked the Jewish community and CIJA-Québec, Federation CJA’s advocacy arm, for their active preparation of the mission.
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  • Le Québec et Israël veulent s'unir dans l'intelligence artificielle (La Presse)
    Le Québec et Israël veulent unir leurs forces pour développer conjointement le secteur de pointe de l'intelligence artificielle.
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  • What’s Your Hunger? (Chabad Lubavitch World HQ News)
    Evan Feldman, president of Federation CJA, explains how Montreal’s Family Store provides a dignified shopping experience to those in need, and an opportunity for caring community individuals to offer support anonymously while providing engagement opportunities for the next generation.
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  • Programmation audacieuse au Festival du Cinéma israélien de Montréal (Journal Métro)
    La 12e édition du Festival du cinéma israélien de Montréal, qui se déroulera du 4 au 15 juin, offre une programmation riche et éclairante. Voici cinq nouveautés à découvrir.
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Federation CJA: Press Mentions

  • Israelis Celebrate Away from Home (Canadian Jewish News)
    “ShinShinim” Nir Bitton, front, Naor Ziv, left, Shai Levy, Danielle Didi, Vered Negash, and Yael Goldstone – Israelis who deferred army service to volunteer in a Jewish community abroad for a year – along with program coordinator Shanie Dotan – whoop it up at a Federation CJA’s Yom Ha’atzmaut party on the West Island.
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  • Montrealers pay tribute to Israel's fallen (The Suburban)
    A standing-room only audience attended Federation CJA’s annual Yom Hazikaron ceremony, the tribute to Israel’s fallen soldiers and civilian victims of terrorism.
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May 2017 - Issue 15

Federation CJA Centennial

  • Montreal declaration marks Federation CJA's 100th (The Suburban)
    Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre presented a declaration at the March city council meeting celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Jewish community organization Federation CJA.
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  • Montreal congratulates federation on its centenary (Canadian Jewish News)
    Montreal city council unanimously adopted a declaration congratulating Federation CJA on its 100th anniversary at a meeting on March 28.
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  • 100 Years of Community Building (Canadian Jewish News)
    The Canadian Jewish News features a spotlight on Federation CJA on the occasion of the philanthropic organization’s centennial year.
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Federation CJA Centennial: Haggadah

  • La Haggadah du Centenaire de la FÉDÉRATION CJA (Canadian Jewish News)
    Superbement illustrée avec des œuvres originales et inspirantes conçues par six artistes peintres montréalais renommés et des dessins réalisés par des élèves de plusieurs écoles secondaires juives de Montréal, la Haggadah du Centenaire de la FÉDÉRATION CJA met en valeur les différentes traditions de Pessah inhérentes aux communautés ashkénaze et sépharade.
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  • Artist rediscovers Passover via Haggadah project (Canadian Jewish News)
    Sue Rusk says she’s “always had a very Jewish feeling at home but we were never religious,” so when she was approached, along with five other artists, to participate in the illustration of Federation CJA’s Centennial Haggadah, her initial reaction was coloured by anxiety.
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Federation CJA Centennial: Chagall Exhibit

  • À la découverte du monde magique de Chagall (Canadian Jewish News)
    Trois mille élèves de onze écoles juives de Montréal -sept écoles du niveau primaire et quatre écoles du niveau secondaire visiteront l’exposition Chagall. Couleur et Musique. Présentée par la FÉDÉRATION CJA à l’occasion de la célébration de son centenaire, en partenariat avec le Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal, cette magnifique exposition se tiendra jusqu’au 11 juin prochain.
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Federation CJA Centennial: Juifs d’ici

  • Une célébration des Juifs du Québec (Canadian Jewish News)
    Les Juifs sont des citoyens du Québec depuis plus de 250 ans, rappelle la FÉDÉRATION CJA, l’instance représentative officielle de la communauté juive du Québec, dans la présentation de son remarquable site Web “Juifs d’ici“, dédié à une centaine de personnalités juives ayant contribué à faire du Québec ce qu’il est devenu et à faire rayonner la Belle Province à l’échelle mondiale.
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Federation CJA Centennial: Grants

  • The Segal Celebrates 10 Remarkable Years in its 2017-2018 Theatre Season (Broadway World)
    In honour of the centennial anniversary of Federation CJA, the Dora Wasserman Yiddish Theatre will present a special limited engagement of A Century Songbook.
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Partner Programs and Initiatives

  • CIJA a key partner of Quebec Premier’s forthcoming trade delegation to Israel (CIJA)
    Philippe Couillard will be the first sitting Quebec Premier to visit Israel in an official capacity. CIJA Quebec, the advocacy arm of Federation CJA, has been a privileged partner in the planning of the upcoming Quebec mission to Israel.
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  • Community gathers to commemorate the Holocaust (The Suburban)
    The Mayor also announced that as part of Federation CJA’s 100th anniversary, “and together with the Montreal Holocaust Museum, I will recognize the enormous contributions of the survivors to Montreal at a special event later this year.”
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  • Millennials sought to run Montreal Moishe House (Canadian Jewish News)
    Federation CJA wants to open the first Moishe House in Montreal, joining the 98 other such houses in 24 countries where such a program exists.
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  • Les immigrants juifs de France à Montréal (Canadian Jewish News)
    L’immigration de familles juives françaises de France à Montréal et leur intégration dans la société d’accueil sont deux priorités majeures pour la FÉDÉRATION CJA, instance représentative officielle de la communauté juive de Montréal.
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  • When it comes to Israel, what to teach? (Canadian Jewish News)
    For educators, broaching the Jewish state’s more controversial issues with students can be a complicated – and rewarding – endeavour.
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  • Canada's oldest Jewish community welcomes new addition - a history museum (Times of Israel)
    The Museum of Jewish Montreal distinguishes itself from other Jewish museums in Canada by not focusing on the Holocaust but on local Jewish history.
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March 2017 - Issue 14

Federation CJA Centennial: Chagall Exhibit

  • Marc Chagall legacy presented in new Montreal exhibit (Canadian Jewish News)
    The vast legacy Marc Chagall bestowed on the worlds of theatre, dance, opera and the visual and decorative arts is spectacularly presented in a new exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA).
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  • Vitrine du livre: Mon univers, Marc Chagall (Le Devoir)
    Mon univers, par Marc Chagall, traduit du yiddish par Chantal Ringuet et Pierre Anctil.
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  • Les Ouvrages: Marc Chagall, Mon univers (La Presse)
    La nouvelle traduction du seul livre écrit par Marc Chagall.
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  • Centennial celebration of commitment and creativity (Montreal Gazette)
    Federation CJA marks a milestone 100th anniversary with a recent black-tie masked soirée at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA), commemorating the commitment of its top leadership and donors.
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Federation CJA Centennial Marketing: Juifs d'ici

  • Federation CJA pays tribute to Quebec's Jewish community (Montreal Gazette)
    Federation CJA, a century-old organization serving Quebec’s Jewish community, unveiled on Monday, an online and televised tribute to Quebec’s Jews that covers close to three centuries of history in the province.
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  • Federation Pays Tribute to diverse Quebec Jews (Canadian Jewish News)
    As part of its centennial celebration, Federation CJA has launched the Juifs d’ici campaign, which is intended to raise awareness of the contribution of Jews to Quebec since they first settled here more than 250 years ago.
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  • Juifs d’ici célébrés (Grenier)
    À l’occasion du 375e anniversaire de Montréal et du centenaire de la Fédération CJA, la Fédération lance la campagne médiatique « Juifs d’ici », un hommage à plus de 100 Juifs québécois ayant marqué les quelque trois cents dernières années de l’histoire de la province.
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  • Top 10 des campagnes du mois de février (Grenier)
    L’équipe de rédaction vous présente son Top 10 des meilleures campagnes publicitaires du mois de février. Que ce soit pour leur originalité, leur créativité ou leur direction artistique, ces différentes offensives ont su frapper notre imaginaire.
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  • : Un nouveau site Web pour découvrir 100 juifs qui ont marqué le Québec (Radio Ville-Marie)
    Un nouveau site Internet lancé lundi souligne l’apport de 100 juifs québécois. Le site pose un regard sur plusieurs grands noms du judaïsme au Québec, du XVIIIe siècle jusqu’à aujourd’hui.
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  • Un nouveau site Web pour découvrir 100 juifs qui ont marqué le Québec (Présence)
    L’initiative s’inscrit dans le cadre des festivités du 100e anniversaire de la Fédération CJA, une importante organisation juive montréalaise.
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  • Campagne Juifs dici (VTélé Les infos)
    Sur les ondes de la chaîne de télé V, pendant l'émission Les infos, Daniel Rabinowicz, président du Musée de l'Holocauste Montréal, présente la campagne médiatique Juifs d'ici. Coïncidant avec le 375e anniversaire de Montréal, cette initiative met en valeur l'apport des Juifs au rayonnement du Québec.
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  • En Dialogue : Juifs d’ici (Radio Ville-Marie)
    Entretien radio avec Jean-Philipe Trottier sur la campagne médiatique Juifs d’ici.
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Federation CJA Centennial: TOV #100Days100Deeds

  • Federation urges young and old to do 100 good deeds (Canadian Jewish News)
    In honour of the centennial of Federation CJA, its Tikun Olam Volunteers (TOV) are performing 100 good deeds throughout the year, helping those in need in both the Jewish and broader Montreal community.
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  • Akiva Students gather together for Mensch Madness (Westmount Independent)
    Children put together care packages for JEM Workshop employees.
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Federation CJA Centennial Launch

  • The Socialite (Canadian Jewish News)
    In one evening, Federation CJA celebrated a stellar fundraising accomplishment, 100 years of community building, and both the legacy and bright future of the Jewish community in Quebec.
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Federation CJA Israel Engagement Initiative

  • Lior Raz talks Fauda and Federation CJA (Global News)
    Actor and show creator Lior Raz joins Global’s Laura Casella to talk about his hit Israeli political thriller Fauda, out on Netflix.
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  • Star of breakout Netflix series Fauda packs Theatre St. Denis (The Suburban)
    Raz drew several loud ovations during his presentation. A wonderful storyteller with a good sense of humour, he showed some riveting scenes from the show, sharing some inside information on the thinking behind the script.
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  • Netflix scores with Fauda, hit Israeli political thriller that resonates on all sides (Montreal Gazette)
    Lior Raz’s local engagement, arranged by Federation CJA, sold out quickly.
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  • Fauda's leading man draws hundreds to Montreal event (Canadian Jewish News)
    Lior Raz’s February 27 Montreal appearance was organized by Federation CJA. His hyper-realistic show, Fauda, is already huge hit in Israel.
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  • Interview With Lior Raz of Hit Netflix Series FAUDA (Montreal Mom Blog)
    As a fan of both FAUDA and Federation CJA and as a proud member of the Netflix #StreamTeam, how could I NOT find a way to meet with him, if only for a few moments?
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  • Fauda creator Lior Raz packs the hall (Nashen Notes Blog)
    Federation CJA hit a home run by bringing in the Netflix blockbuster Israeli hit series, Fauda. Lior Raz spoke to a packed house at the Theatre St. Denis Monday night after selling out the first two venues within hours of going on sale.
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  • An Interview with Lior Raz of 'Fauda' (B’nai Brith Blog)
    Raz’s Montreal appearance was originally slated to be held at the Gelber Conference Centre of Federation CJA, which can accommodate about 600 people. It sold out quickly and was moved to the much larger Theatre St. Denis, where it sold out again.
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Partner Programs and Initiatives

  • Subsidized trips to Israel now offered to young couples (Canadian Jewish News)
    Young local couples are now eligible for a subsidized trip to Israel through a new Federation CJA program, a first in Canada.
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  • Montreal mayor encourages young job seekers to stay (Canadian Jewish News)
    Mayor Denis Coderre delivered an upbeat message to young people who hope to stay in Montreal and find employment, especially those who are immigrants or from ethnic communities.
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  • Une initiative de soutien à l’accueil et à l’intégration au Canada (L’Arche)
    Laetitia Sellam, consultante en intégration à l’Agence Ometz, nous présente « Intitiative France Montréal ».
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  • Dwindling affordability puts day schools at crossroads (Canadian Jewish News)
    Affordability and sustainability are closely tied together, educators agree. Raise fees too high and enrolment drops, starting a vicious circle as fewer parents shoulder greater tuition burdens. Cut programs to reduce fees and parents may walk away from day school education altogether.
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  • Do gala dinners still pull in the big bucks? (Canadian Jewish News)
    In the Jewish community, grand, black-tie gala dinners can attract hundreds of people and, in some cases, raise millions in just one night. But considering the cost and resources that go into planning these annual mainstay events, many are asking whether they’re worth it and whether the format will engage the next generation of donors.
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  • Grands Prix of the Young Business Leaders' Gala: RJCCQ's 25th special edition (Canadian News Wire)
    The Jewish Chamber of Commerce's Co-presidents, Erik Langburt and Scott Rozansky are delighted to be co-hosting the RJCCQ Gala with the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs-Québec in the Jewish community center. Erik Langburt said "What a great opportunity for the Jewish community to collaborate on this event during Federation CJA's centennial year and the 375th anniversary of Montreal".
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  • Jewish groups condemn threats to Muslims at Concordia (Canadian Jewish News)
    On behalf of the Jewish community, Federation CJA and its advocacy arm, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), condemned a threat against students.
    Click here for more
  • Coderre decries anti-Israel UNESCO resolution (The Suburban)
    The Mayor was speaking last week at a Cocktails and Conversation event held by the Jewish community employment, immigration and school services organization Ometz and the Jewish Chamber of Commerce, along with Federation CJA.
    Click here for more
December 2016 - Issue 13

Federation CJA Centennial Celebrations

  • Federation CJA celebrates 100 years (Global News)
    David Amiel of Federation CJA visits Global News to talk about the organization’s first 100 years in Montreal.
    Click here to watch
  • Federation CJA First Vice President David Amiel talks Centennial (Breakfast Television)
    Breakfast Television welcomed our First Vice President, David Amiel to chat about Federation CJA and 100 years of impact in Montreal.
    Click here to watch
  • Orchestrating a symphony of commitment and daring (The Suburban)
    Federation CJA’s Centennial year ahead is filled with unique events. Among the initiatives that are to be unveiled is a Community Virtual Museum; a magnificent Chagall exhibit with the collaboration of the Museum of Fine Arts; a Mega-Mission to Israel; and an Expo aimed at showing young Montrealers the opportunities and incentives to stay in this city, build their lives and strengthen one of the world’s most vibrant communities.
    Click here to read
  • La Fédération CJA de Montreal célèbre ses 100 ans (Canadian Jewish News)
    Il y a un siècle, en 1916, alors que des dizaines de milliers d’immigrants juifs fuyant les pogroms antisémites en Europe de l’Est arrivaient au Canada, la Federation of Jewish Philanthropies, ancêtre de l’actuelle Fédération CJA  et de l’organisme central qui précéda celle-ci, Allied Jewish Community Services, voyait le jour.
    Cliquez ici pour lire (en français)
  • The first century of Federation CJA (Canadian Jewish News)
    When a Montreal Jewish federation was first considered a century ago, the city’s Jewish population was rapidly expanding. Jews arriving in Montreal seemed religiously, socially and culturally distinct from the established, largely prosperous English-speaking Jewish community of Montreal.
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Federation CJA Centennial Recognized at Quebec National Assembly

  • Federation CJA Centennial Recognized at Quebec National Assembly (Assemblée nationale du Québec)
    An all-party motion was brought forth by the Honourable David Birnbaum, député de D'Arcy-McGee MNA recognizing the centennial of Federation CJA.
    Click here to watch
  • Federation CJA's Centennial saluted in National Assembly (The Suburban)
    The National Assembly unanimously adopted a motion put forward by D’Arcy McGee MNA David Birnbaum last Wednesday, Nov. 30, saluting Quebec’s Jewish community on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Federation CJA.
    Click here to read
  • Quebec Premier to Visit Israel Next Year (Canadian Jewish News)
    Quebec’s Premier Philippe Couillard will lead an economic mission to Israel in the spring, becoming the first Quebec premier to head an official visit to the country. He made the announcement during the annual cocktail for members of the National Assembly held at the legislature by the Quebec branch of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), with Federation CJA and the Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee, on Nov. 30.
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Federation CJA Centennial Launch Event

  • Social Notes: Jay Leno helps Federation CJA celebrate 100 years (The Montreal Gazette)
    When Federation CJA, the driving force of Montreal’s vibrant Jewish community, does anything, the MO is big, next-level, make-it-unforgettable territory. Which was exactly the spirit in which the organization approached its recent special benefit eve at Palais des congrès, celebrating the close of its 2016 General Campaign and official launch of 100 years of impact in Montreal.
    Click here to read
  • With Jay Leno as the guest performer Federation CJA kicks of its Centennial in style (The Suburban)
    In the world of fundraising, Federation CJA has always been considered a “machine.” On Monday, November 21 this driving force of Montreal’s Jewish community launched its Centennial celebrations with an extraordinary evening at the Palais des congrès.
    Click here to read
  • Federation CJA launches Centennial in spectacular style (The Suburban)
    Federation CJA launched its Centennial year with a massive gala at the Palais des congrès, attended by some 1,500 people. The event opened with a spectacular multi-screen, multi-media — mixing film and live action — retrospective of Federation CJA’s 100 years of service to the Montreal Jewish community, and to Israel.
    Click here to read
  • A great night for the Federation CJA (Montreal Times)
    Over 1500 people gathered at the Palais de congrès on November 21 for a dual celebration of the accomplishments of Federation CJA, an umbrella organization that contains a number of social service agencies that aid and benefit the Jewish community not only in Montreal, but also around the world.
    Click here to read
  • Tonight Show host headlines Federation CJA Centennial kickoff (Canadian Jewish News)
    Federation CJA launches a year of celebration of its centennial at the Palais des congrès on Nov. 21 when former Tonight Show host and standup comedian Jay Leno is the special guest.
    Click here to read
  • Jay Leno to perform at Federation CJA Centennial launch (The Suburban)
    The Centennial will celebrate Federation CJA’s impact in the Jewish community and the help it has provided for Jews in times of need, in Montreal and around the world, over the past century.
    Click here to read
  • Jay Leno Gala Tickets still available (Montreal Times)
    Veteran stand-up comic and former “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno will headline a special gala event to kick off Federation CJA’s year-long centennial celebrations on November 21.
    Click here to read

Federation CJA Centennial Campaign

  • Federation CJA unveils art exhibit honoring visionaries (The Suburban)
    Federation CJA unveiled an art installation to recognize “visionary donors” to the organization’s Centennial campaign.
    Click here to read

TOV #100Days100Deeds

  • Federation CJA and elementary school children celebrate Hanukkah with veterans (The Suburban)
    Dec. 7 at the Veterans Hospital in Ste. Anne de Bellevue, Federation CJA and grade five students from Dollard des Ormeaux’s Hebrew Foundation School celebrated Hanukkah with veterans and residents.
    Click here to read

CJA16 Campaign

  • Le Centre des Donateurs de l’Appel Juif Unifié (Canadian Jewish News)
    Des élèves de Secondaire 4 de l’École Maïmonide ont participé activement cette année à la Campagne sépharade de l’Appel Juif Unifié (AJU) de la FÉDÉRATION CJA.
    Cliquez ici pour lire (en français)
  • Applause: Go the Distance (The Montreal Gazette)
    Eleven members of the Young Adult Division of Federation CJA ran in the Montreal Marathon on Sept. 25 to raise money for Le Café.
    Click here to read
  • Jewish students collect 22,000 food items for the needy (Canadian Jewish News)
    More than 22,000 non-perishable kosher food items were collected by Jewish day school students as part of Federation CJA’s Feed the Truck food drive.
    Click here to read
  • Mazel Tov! Federation CJA’s Feed the Truck event (Montreal Times)
    Sun Youth wishes to thank Federation CJA’s Tikun Olam Volunteers who visited various Jewish schools in Montreal to collect non-perishable kosher donations.
    Click here to read
  • Social Notes: Federation CJA’s Young Adult Division’s Endless Summer Soirée (The Montreal Gazette)
    At Federation CJA’s Young Adult Division’s Annual Endless Summer Soirée White Party, on-fire young organizers wowed their killer crowd of 300-plus at New City Gas with a 5-à-7 that continued well past 11, while raising important funds for the Federation.
    Click here to read
  • Women of Power (Breakfast Television)
    Joanne Vrakas of Breakfast Television Montreal talks about her experience as one of the YAD Women of Power in support of the 2016 Combined Jewish Appeal campaign.
    Click here to watch

Affiliated Agencies and Organizations

  • Changes to Quebec’s welfare law will hurt most vulnerable (The Suburban)
    An opinion piece on the anticipated negative impacts of Bill 70 published by Federation CJA’s Social Advocacy Committee which includes Agence Ometz, Auberge Shalom pour femmes, Cummings Centre, Project Genesis, Sylvan Adams YM-YWHA.
    Click here to read
  • Diller Alum and former Hillel President named Rhodes scholar (The Montreal Gazette)
    At 23, Aaron Gluck-Thaler can now add Rhodes scholar to his long lists of achievements. Smart, committed, at the top of their fields and with a passion for changing the world – That’s what it takes to be a Rhodes scholar, and McGill University has bragging rights to two more this year.
    Click here to read
  • Temple Art Hive encourages creativity, inclusiveness (Canadian Jewish News)
    Federation CJA has offered a grant to start up the Art Hive/Kaveret Omanut at Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom. The first of its 10 sessions was held in November, welcoming participants of all ages and abilities. The idea is to get people who are different from one another to interact, using art-making as a hub, and in so doing have them come to a mutual understanding and appreciation.
    Click here to read


  • Coderre recounts successful and moving Israel mission (The Suburban)
    When politicians make trade trips abroad, even the most successful ones tend to make for some dry copy. But after spending some time with Montreal’s Mayor Denis Coderre recently, and listening to him address Federation CJA’s Centennial launch, it was clear that his recent trade mission to Israel with Toronto Mayor John Tory, was of a different order.
    Click here to read
  • YidLife Crisis team takes on seasonal holiday classics – irreverently (The Montreal Gazette)
    Batalion and Elman concede they’re on a high for now — and it’s not related to latkes or eggnog. They opened for Jay Leno at the recent launch of Federation CJA’s Centennial celebrations in Montreal. Their shtick entailed “the 100-ish most Jew-ish places” in Montreal.
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October 2016 - Issue 12

CJA16 Campaign

  • Federation CJA launches 2016 fundraising campaign (The Suburban Newspaper)
    Federation CJA launched its 2016 Combined Jewish Appeal fundraising campaign with a gala attended by some 700 people.
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  • CJA launch hears tale of harrowing escape from Yemen (Canadian Jewish News)
    The more than 700 people who filled the historic Monument National to celebrate the launch of the 2016 Combined Jewish Appeal (CJA) campaign recently were given a sobering reminder of how dollars raised here can save lives far away.
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  • La Campagne sépharade de l’Appel Juif Unifié (Canadian Jewish News)
    Depuis une vingtaine d’années, Ariel Sabbah est activement impliqué bénévolement dans diverses institutions communautaires juives de Montréal.
    Cliquez ici pour lire (en français)
  • Combined Jewish Appeal seeks more donors (Canadian Jewish News)
    The 2016 CJA campaign, which was officially launched Aug. 24, has begun by asking each of its hundreds of canvassers to secure 18 new donations. Federation CJA is aiming to boost its donors to 18,000 by 2018.
    Click here to read
  • YAD Chair on Breakfast Television (City TV)
    Federation CJA’s YAD Campaign Chair Joshua Hasen talks to Breakfast TV’s Elias Makos about the 2016 Combined Jewish Appeal Campaign.
    Click here to watch
  • En conversation avec Joel Segal et Gilda Shahin-Abdulezer (La Voix Sépharade)
    Inspires par les bâtisseurs de la Fédération CJA, les présidents de la campagne de l’Appel juif unifie 2016 réfléchissent au présent et rêvent a l’avenir.
    Cliquez ici pour lire (en français)

Federation CJA Events

  • Feed the Truck (City TV)
    City TV’s Breakfast Television visited TOV’s Feed the Truck food drive on location at Solomon Schechter Academy.
    Click here to watch
  • CJA clothing drive has been helping families for 11 years (The Suburban Newspaper)
    Back to school can be a trying time financially for parents who struggle monetarily and want to be able to give their kids a great start to the academic year. And CJA’s annual clothing drive makes that possible.
    Click here to read
  • Acclaimed documentary producer enthrals audience at Choices (The Suburban Newspaper)
    Nancy Spielberg, the acclaimed documentary producer, businesswoman, fundraiser and philanthropist, captivated the crowd at the annual Choices event, presented by Federation CJA’s Women’s Philanthropy Campaign.
    Click here to read
  • Panel stresses importance of hereditary disease testing (Canadian Jewish News)
    Federation CJA hosted a panel in conjunction with the Montreal Jewish Genetic Disorders Fund (MJGDF), a volunteer organization that advocates for screening and offers information on testing options in Montreal and the choices for couples who are carriers.
    Click here to read

Annual General Meeting

  • Former IDF chief of general staff speaks at Federation CJA AGM (The Suburban Newspaper)
    Former Israel Defence Forces Chief of Staff Lt.Gen.(res.) Benjamin Gantz was in Montreal to address Federation CJA’s Annual General Meeting.
    Click here to read
  • Federation CJA looks to future at 99th AGM (The Suburban Newspaper)
    Federation CJA looked towards the future and its centennial celebrations at its 99th Annual General Meeting last week, and honoured businessman and philanthropist Jack Hasen with the organization’s most prestigious award, the Samuel Bronfman Medal.
    Click here to read
  • Young Jews must be fluent in French: Federation leader (Canadian Jewish News)
    If the Jewish community wants to keep its young people in Quebec, it has to do a better job of teaching them French, chief executive officer Deborah Corber said at Federation CJA’s 99th annual general meeting on Sept. 22.
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Federation CJA Centennial

  • The Federation Centennial: Out of many, one (The Suburban Newspaper)
    The history of Montreal’s Jews was rich and long and intertwined with that of this city and this province. It was against this rich tapestry that by the early 20th century the Jews of Montreal had created institutions of care and compassion.
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  • Federation to celebrate 100 years of achievement (Canadian Jewish News)
    The Jewish community developed its own services, often through mutual aid societies, to take care of the sick, elderly and poor. In 1916, to co-ordinate this patchwork of nascent institutions and centralize their resources, the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies was founded.
    Click here to read

Affiliated Agencies and Organizations

  • Federation puts out the ‘bienvenue’ mat for French (Canadian Jewish News)
    Agence Ometz, a Federation CJA agency, experienced a doubling of inquiries from Jews in France about Quebec and immigration after the attacks last year. That interest continues to this day. Initiative France Montréal was launched last October to help French Jews, who have made the decision to leave, through the immigration and integration process.
    Click here to read
  • Jewish museum goes from virtual to real (Canadian Jewish News)
    MJM began in 2010 with funding from Federation CJA, which was looking to support innovative programs that would connect younger Jews to the community, those who were not attracted to more conventional activities.
    Click here to read
  • Community pays tribute to Jewish veterans, war fallen (The Suburban Newspaper)
    The Montreal community, in what has now become an annual tradition, paid tribute Sunday to Canada’s Jewish war veterans and the more than 570 Jewish-Canadians who fell in the two world wars, and the Korean War.
    Click here to read
  • Comment se déroule la venue des juifs français au Québec ? (La Voix Sépharade)
    L’Agence Ometz, sous l’égide de la Fédération CJA de Montréal, offre des services aux membres de la communauté et notamment aux nouveaux immigrants.
    Cliquez ici pour lire (en français)
  • New Herzliah a go with $15-million Azrieli Foundation donation (Canadian Jewish News)
    The new school will be built on the parking lot of the YM-YWHA/Jewish Community Centre. An above-ground bridge will connect the new Herzliah to the Jewish Community Campus to encourage students’ use of such institutions as the Jewish Public Library, the Segal Centre for Performing Arts, Federation CJA and the Y.
    Click here to read
  • The challenge of the Jewish middle class (Canadian Jewish News)
    They’re not considered low-income, but a growing number of families are finding that Jewish communal life is a luxury they can’t afford. Four years ago, Federation CJA launched the Generations Fund, an endowment that’s raised close to $70 million and includes the CAPS Program, which makes day school more affordable through tuition ceilings.
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May 2016 - Issue 11

Federation CJA Events

  • West Island Jewish community celebrates Israel (The Suburban)
    More than 2,000 people came to Federation CJA West Island for its annual Yom Ha’atzmaut celebration on May 12.
  • Tribute paid to Israel's fallen at annual Yom Hazikaron ceremony (The Suburban)
    Federation CJA, in conjunction with the Israeli consulate, paid tribute to fallen Israeli soldiers and victims of terror in a moving ceremony at the Gelber Centre. The standing-room only audience included Côte St. Luc mayor Mitchell Brownstein and former Mount Royal MP Irwin Cotler.
  • Young volunteers lead “third night” Seder (Canadian Jewish News)
    For the 23rd year, members of Federation CJA’s YAD hosted a Passover Seder for employees of the JEM Workshop, an adapted workplace for individuals with special needs.
  • Community must adapt to diversity, symposium hears (Canadian Jewish News)
    Federation CJA recently hosted an interactive symposium for community professionals on the changing Jewish family.
  • The Socialite at the Masquerade Ball (Canadian Jewish News)
    A little snow didn’t stop the partygoers from donning their masks and intriguing costumes for a night of mystery and fun at Campagne Sépharade’s Purim Masquerade Ball.

Affiliated Agencies and Organizations

  • Holocaust survivor steps back into painful past to educate youth (Montreal Gazette)
    Survivor Marcel Zielinski is back in Poland to participate in the March of the Living, accompanying the Montreal delegation to offer personal insight into what went on behind the barbed wire of the camps.
  • Quebecers understand Israel better than a decade ago: CIJA (Canadian Jewish News)
    While the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign on campuses and elsewhere may get the attention, the new regional lay leaders of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Advocacy (CIJA) believe there is greater understanding of Israel among Quebecers today than a decade ago. 
  • Jeunes, juifs et fiers de leur cuisine (La Presse)
    « La plupart des jeunes ont grandi sans aimer la cuisine juive. Aujourd’hui, ce sont toutefois des plats que nous chérissons parce qu’ils nous rappellent la maison. » On retrouve, dans cet article, une présentation du Projet Bouffe Juive de la Fédération CJA et des récipiendaires de subventions communautaires The Wandering Chew et YidLife Crisis.


March 2016 - Issue 10

Federation CJA Events

  • Jews need allies to fight anti-Semitism: Rabbi Sacks (Canadian Jewish News)
    Rabbi Sacks’ Montreal visit was hosted by Federation CJA and included a meeting with Montreal’s archbishop and culminated with an inspirational address to 1400 people.
  •  “À vos pinceaux!” avec la Campagne sépharade de l’Appel Juif unifié (CJN – En Francais)
    Dans une atmosphère détendue et conviviale, les nombreux participants à cette soirée ont peint un tableau sur toile sous la supervision d’un artiste-peintre réputé franco-québécois, Hervé Teboul.


Agency Partners and Initiatives

  • Le Projet ‘Initiative France’ de la FÉDÉRATION CJA (CJN – En Francais)
    Depuis plusieurs années, l’immigration de familles juives de France à Montréal et leur intégration dans leur nouvelle société d’accueil sont deux priorités majeures pour la FÉDÉRATION CJA, organisme central chargé de représenter officiellement la communauté juive de Montréal.
  • Tutorial program filling gap in Lubavitch boys’ education (Canadian Jewish News)
    With financial support from Federation CJA and from individuals, an after-school program was launched in September to provide supplementary instruction in the core subjects of the province’s mandatory curriculum.
  • Un nouveau Musée du Montréal juif (Journal Métro)
    Le Musée du Montréal juif ouvrira ses portes vers le mois de mai. L’organisme, qui offrait déjà des tours guidés dans le Mile End, profitera de ses nouveaux locaux pour faire connaître ses activités.

Current Events

  • BDS motion fails at McGill after online vote (Canadian Jewish News)
    President Evan Feldman and CEO Deborah Corber of Montreal’s Federation CJA congratulated the “around-the-clock” effort, “often in a hostile environment,” of pro-Israel students to mobilize their peers to vote down the motion.
  • Victor Goldbloom, public servant, community leader, dies at 92 (Canadian Jewish News)
    Dr. Victor Goldbloom, the first Jewish Quebec cabinet minister, public servant, interfaith dialogue pioneer and eloquent Jewish community leader, died of a heart attack on Feb. 15 at age 92.
January 2016 - Issue 9

Combined Jewish Appeal Campaign

  • 2015 CJA campaign expected to raise close to $40 million (The Canadian Jewish News)
    The 2015 Combined Jewish Appeal is projected to raise over $39.4 million, general chair Barry Pascal announced at the campaign’s official closing.
  • Barry Pascal: All about heart (The Suburban)
    CJA’s 2015 General Campaign Chair Barry Pascal has a special heart and spirit. His authenticity shines through, because he never forgot his family’s beginnings.
  • Mayim Bialik Featured at Federation CJA Launch (The Canadian Jewish News)
    In addition to the Emmy-nominated actress, the Combined Jewish Appeal Launch also featured journalist Zvika Klein and Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice-chair of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.
  • La campagne De L’Appel Juif Unifié (The Canadian Jewish News)
    «La puissance de la communauté » est le thème central de la campagne de l’Appel Juif Unifie (AJU) 2015 de la Fédération CJA de Montreal.
  • CJA chair gives back to the community that helped his family (The Canadian Jewish News)
    Barry Pascal never forgets that he is just one generation removed from the Holocaust. That heritage is guiding Pascal as general chair of the 2015 Combined Jewish Appeal.
  • Combined Jewish Appeal Launch featured on Global News (Global News)
    Combined Jewish Appeal kicked off its annual campaign at New City Gas with a stellar line-up of speakers to help them get their fundraising season under way. Watch the video now.
  • Federation CJA kicks off annual campaign (The Westmount Independent)
    Federation CJA kicked off its annual campaign at the trendy New City Gas site.

CJA15 Events

  • Miriam Peretz, Mother of two fallen IDF soldiers, inspires CJA donors (The Canadian Jewish News)
    Her mission is to comfort her fellow bereaved families, to instill courage in today’s Israeli soldiers and to inspire Jews around the world. She accomplished that at Choices, the major Women’s Philanthropy campaign event, where she spoke.
  • Federation CJA West Island presents Culture Club: Sounds of the 80s (Montreal Times)
    Over 200 people went Back to the Future for Federation CJA West Island’s annual themed Gala.
  • Hanukkah: One for each night, the candles shed their bright light (The Gazette)
    Josie Weitzenbauer, owner of Léché Desserts in St-Henri, which makes killer gourmet doughnuts, leads a doughnut-making workshop organized by the Jewish Food Project of Federation CJA.


Federation CJA Annual General Meeting

  • Federation urged to get out of its comfort zone (The Canadian Jewish News)
    Making Federation CJA more inclusive of all segments of an increasingly diverse Jewish community was a recurring theme during the organization’s 98th annual general meeting on Sept. 10.
  • Une année exceptionnelle pour la Fédération CJA (The Canadian Jewish News)
    Des réalisations majeures ont pu être menées à terme grâce au vigoureux soutien et à la grande générosité de nombreux membres de notre Communauté, a rappelé la Présidente sortante, Susan Laxer, lors de l’al locution qu’elle a prononcée à l’occasion  de l’Assemblée générale annuelle de cette institution federative.



  • Applause: Students collect more than 20,000 food items for Feed the Truck initiative (The Gazette)
    A large truck travelled to each of the participating schools to pick up food that students had collected over the previous month, and the students themselves packed the truck with their donations. The initiative was led by volunteers with Federation CJA, in partnership with a network of agencies and organizations.
  • Sun Youth Signs Three Year Agreement with Federation CJA (Montreal Times)
    Sun Youth recently confirmed a grant by Federation CJA that will help maintain and expand Sun Youth’s kosher home delivery program.
  • Irreverent Yiddish comedic web series back for season ‘tsvey’ (Times of Israel)
    YidLife Crisis’ is made possible by funding from Shaping Our Future Grants and the Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal, among others.
  • Federal funding agreements for social housing should be renewed (The Gazette)
    Opinion piece in support of social housing written collaboratively by Project Genesis and four Caldwell Residence tenants. Project Genesis is an affiliated agency of Federation CJA.

In the Community

  • 10th year for Yom Yocheved giveaway (The Westmount Independent)
    Over 250 underprivileged families, including 600 children, went on a free shopping spree at Federation CJA courtesy of local clothing manufacturers.
  • Canadian Jewish war veterans remembered in ceremony (The Canadian Jewish News)
    The memorial’s speakers included Federation CJA president Evan Feldman; Eric Bissell and Allen Adel.
  • Veteran community leader takes reins at JFC-UIA (The Canadian Jewish News)
    For the next two years, Julia Berger Reitman, a veteran of Canada’s Jewish community leadership, will be chair of the Jewish Federations of Canada – UIA.
  • Discovering the Montreal Jewish Community (YouTube)
    Consul General of Israel for Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces, Ziv Nevo Kulman, reflects upon his past year in Montreal.
  • CIJA hosts National Assembly reception in Quebec City (The Canadian Jewish News)
    CIJA Quebec chair Eric Maldoff, Federation CJA first vice-president David Amiel, and Association of Jewish Day Schools president Eric Laxer were among the Jewish community leaders hosting.


  • Jewish security officials, cops from 5 North American cities tour Israel (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)
    Also joining the tour, organized by Secure Community Network, the security arm of the national Jewish community, are directors of security for Montreal’s Jewish community and a representative of the New Jersey State Police.
  • Canadians fund shelter playground for kibbutz near Gaza (The Canadian Jewish News)
    Marcia Shuster, who is active in the Montreal Jewish community and has relatives living on the kibbutz, worked to get Federation CJA in Montreal to support the idea so fundraisers could issue tax receipts.
April 21, 2015 - Issue 8

PJ Library

Jewish Food Project

Community and Culture

  • 24 Jews who are changing the world (Canadian Jewish News)
    The 24 visionaries profiled are re-examining age-old understandings of Judaism, with an eye to furthering our tradition in ways some of us probably hadn’t even considered before. And in their enthusiasm, their passion – even their audacity – for a Jewish future, we find hope and excitement. The list includes Federation CJA’s Generations Fund and the Jewish Community Foundation grantees Zev Moses, Sydney Warshaw and Katherine (Kat) Romanow, Jason Rosenblatt and Eli Batalion.
  • Talking tachlis with ‘YidLife’ crisis (Jewish Journal)
    “We meant it to be absurd,” Batalion said. “Imagine the world exactly like it is, except everyone speaks Yiddish and no one explains why. That, to us, was the joke.”
  • Art hives help bring creative Montrealers together (The Gazette)
    Even in an artist-friendly city like Montreal, not everyone can afford to rent studio space. But these community art studios, part of a national grassroots movement known as art hives, offer such spaces for free — with the added incentives of companionship and snacks.
  • In Montreal, Communal Seders Not Just for Needy (
    According to a 2011 National Household Survey Analysis by the Montreal Jewish Federation, there are 18,130 Jews living below the poverty line in the Montreal, accounting for 20% of the total Jewish population.

JDL in Montreal

January 26, 2015 - Issue 7

French Terror Attacks

  • We are Charlie, we are Jewish, we are French (The Suburban)
    Hundreds turned out to a vigil at Côte St. Luc’s Beth Israel Beth Aaron Synagogue Sunday to express solidarity with the people of France, its Jewish population, and for freedom of expression.
  • Thousands join march in show of solidarity and sympathy (The Gazette)
    Hundreds also attended a community vigil Sunday evening at the Beth Israel Beth Aaron synagogue in Cote-Saint-Luc to honour the 17 victims of terrorism in Paris.
  • Canadians rally for French Jews after attacks (The Canadian Jewish News)
    Israeli Consul General Ziv Nevo Kulman, along with Federation CJA president Susan Laxer; Eric Maldoff, Quebec chair of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs; Rabbi Reuben Poupko, chair of CIJA’s Rabbinical caucus; and Joseph Gabay of the CIJA board joined a Jan. 7 rally outside Montreal City Halll organized by Mayor Denis Coderre and the French Consulate.
  • French Jews Plan Exodus After Paris Terror Attacks (International Business Times)
    Language, Quebec’s secular culture, relatively cheap cost of living and job opportunities are among the reasons why French Jews have decided to move to Quebec. According to a survey conducted by Agence Ometz, anti-Semitism and the desire to practice Judaism openly was one of the major reasons why Jewish French families moved.
  • For embattled French Jews, mixed feelings about call to move to Israel (Jewish Journal)
    Montreal’s primary Jewish social services and resettlement organization, Agence Ometz, has seen a significant increase in newcomers from France over the last year, JTA reported in November.
  • Open Canada’s doors to French Jews, rabbi urges (Canadian Jewish News)
    Rabbi Scheier said the Canadian Jewish community should overcome any reluctance it has to appearing to be competing with Israel, which is actively and openly seeking olim in France, and do more to let French Jews know they are wanted here. Howard Berger, co-director of Agence Ometz, the Federation CJA agency responsible for immigration services, said a meeting is scheduled for later this week to discuss the situation of French Jews.

Prime Minister in Montreal

In the News

In the News - September 18, 2014 - Issue 5

Super Sunday

CJA14 Campaign Launch

CJA14 Campaign

Federation CJA

FCJA and Operation Protective Edge

>Israel Relief Fund

FCJA Solidarity Mission to Israel

Pro-Israel Rally

Memorial Service

Changing Jewish Trends and Demographics


In the News - June 16, 2014 - Issue 4

Montreal Mega Mission

  • In his article for The Gazette, Joe Schwarcz reflects on his time spent in Israel on the Montreal Mega Mission.
  • The Canadian Jewish News reports on a Montreal couple’s surprise wedding atop Masada on the Montreal Mega Mission.
  • Makor Rishon, a local Israeli newspaper, highlights the Montreal Mega Mission and its day spent in Beer Sheva (click here for the English translation).
  • Radio Darom, a local Beer Sheva station, reports on the arrival of close to 600 people to Israel for the Montreal Mega Misison.
  • The Jerusalem Post mentioned the recent excitement of welcoming nearly 600 Mega Mission participants to Jerusalem. 
  • The Times of Israel celebrates the arrival of the over 570 Canadian residents, ages 19 to 94, taking part in the eight-day visit to Israel.
  • The Jerusalem Post welcomes the Montreal Mega Mission to Israel with an overview of some of the week’s events.
  • Gil Troy explains why you should “get lost” while you’re in Israel in this article for The Canadian Jewish News .
  • The Canadian Jewish News interviews Mega Mission participant Arlene Abramovitch for a moving piece about her decision to take the trip.
  • The Suburban reflects on the impact of both past and present Mega Mission to Israel.

Federation CJA

Federation CJA and the Charter of Values

  • Tablet  Magazine makes mention of Federation CJA’s stance on the charter in an article describing Jewish young adults’ response to the PQ.
  • The Canadian Jewish News quotes FCJA President, Susan Laxer, highlighting the positive momentum for the provincial Liberal Party.

Israel and Overseas

  • The Canadian Jewish News features Solomon Schechter Academy’s annual Israel Mission, supported by Jewish Agency for Israel and Federation CJA.  

Jewish Chamber of Commerce

YAD Fashion Night

  • Urban Expressions invites readers to go shopping for a good cause at YAD Fashion Night.

Federation CJA Agencies

  • The Montreal Gazette celebrates the Jewish Public Library’s 100 years serving the literary and intellectual needs of the Montreal Jewish Community – and beyond.
  • The Montreal Gazette reports on the positive impact of Jem Workshop, an FCJA associated agency.
In the News - February 27, 2014 - Issue 3
Federation CJA
  • CTV News features a unique initiative, supported by Federation CJA’s Generations Fund. The program fosters connections to Jewish life and broadens the scope for a more inclusive community.
  • Le Devoir et le Huffington Post Québec font état d’une étude qui dresse la liste des cent œuvres de charité les plus fiables au Canada en se basant sur leurs activités de financement et leurs dépenses. Au Québec, la Fédération CJA occupe la tête du peloton.
  • The Montreal Gazette and Keren Hayesod – United Israel Appeal acknowledge the exceptional leadership of Federation CJA’s immediate past president, David Cape.
  • The Jewish Federations of North America highlights InMontreal, a Federation CJA initiative, for its bold visual tapestry of the Montreal Jewish community.
Federation CJA and the Charter of Values
Montreal Mega Mission
  • Dans le Canadian Jewish News, Arlene Abitan, Gail Adelson-Marcovitz et Jonathan Wener présentent la Méga Mission Montréal 2014.
  • Sur les ondes de Radio Shalom, Henri Levy invite les auditeurs à faire le voyage de leur vie en Israël en mai 2014.
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