Federation CJA deeply believes that we need to start investing more in young Jews earlier in their Jewish journeys by giving them the tools of competence and confidence in understanding their traditions, roots, and heritage. 

Teen travel to Israel has long proven to be an essential component of Jewish education, transforming the lives of countless young Jews at a formative age that guides their future beliefs, commitments, and practices. The impact of immersive Israel experiences embeds deep and meaningful connections to Israel that carry through to adulthood.

Jewish teens learn to love the land by seeing and feeling it for themselves. They develop relationships with Israelis, walk through our shared history, and return home with an openness to understand the complex discourse of our country, while cherishing it and wanting to return at a later age.

Numerous studies have shown the best time to experience Israel to the fullest is during the high school years before these teens are defined by opinions, biases, and fake news they are exposed to on social and other forms of media.

Federation CJA is committed to dramatically increasing the number of Jewish teens in grades 9, 10, and 11 traveling to Israel. With the support of generous and visionary philanthropists and in collaboration with many of our community’s Israel program providers, Federation CJA can offer complementary vouchers:

  • GOTEENISRAEL focuses on BREADTH, incentivizing as many Jewish teens as possible to go to Israel. 
  • GOTEENISRAEL’s additional funding of the DALFEN FELLOWS Teen Israel Leadership Initiative focuses on DEPTH, concentrating specifically on emergent teen leaders through leadership training. 

We believe that by investing in our teens today, we are investing in a strong and vibrant Jewish community tomorrow!

We believe in identifying and supporting Jewish adolescents in their path towards Jewish leadership, by providing them with experiences, knowledge and competencies that will ultimately lead them to become effective defenders and supporters of Israel and the Jewish heritage.” Murray and Karen Dalfen.

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