Détails de l'événement
Date:Le mardi 14 avril 2015
Heure: 19 h 30 - 21 h 30
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Organisme: Spanish & Portuguese Congregation
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Lieu: Spanish & Portuguese Congregation
Address: 4894 St-Kevin Avenue
Contact: Rose Simon Schwartz
Téléphone: (514) 737-3695

No Place on Earth is the fascinating and powerful story of five Jewish families that escaped into a pitch-black world to hide from the Nazis in 1942. With courage and ingenuity, these 38 men, women and children were determined to keep their families alive and avoid capture in southwestern Ukraine, a region where less than 5 percent of all Jews survived and virtually no families made it out of the Holocaust alive. They endured by creating an underground world of their own. The film features interviews with survivors and their descendants, most of whom live in Montreal. Brenda Stermer, the granddaughter of Esther Stermer, the indomitable matriarch of the family, and the daughter of Stermer will be present to answer questions following the screening

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