Together, we care for the vulnerable

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Supporting those in greatest need within our community, in keeping with our Jewish value of chesed, is a paramount expression of our collective responsibility for the well-being of the entire Jewish community.

In 2017-18, we invested $11.3 million to care for the vulnerable, including $7.75 million in direct and indirect poverty relief, helping to break the cycle of poverty.

Basic Needs

Basic Needs Federation CJAOne in five Jews in Montreal currently lives below the poverty line, including over 3,650 Jewish children under the age of 15. Our priority is vulnerable families, individuals and seniors. We provide access to emergency and crisis services to those in need, and financial support and assistance to a growing number of marginalized seniors, many of whom are Holocaust survivors. For youth, our focus is on breaking the cycle of poverty with necessary support services, employment and training opportunities, defraying the cost of a Jewish education, and capacity-building programs.

We nourish the soul: over 70,000 meals were provided through programs including our kosher soup kitchen Le Café, food banks, and food delivery such as our “Lunch for a Bunch” school lunch program.

“[The annual Yom Yocheved Clothing Giveaway] helps a lot. It’s very hard when you have 5 children and need to buy kosher food, to buy clothes for each of them. We are very lucky because we have a Jewish community that takes care of each other. Thank you very much for thinking of us.” - A young mother of 5 children under 12 years old



Basic Needs Federation CJAThe proportion of elderly in the Montreal Jewish community is much higher than the proportion of seniors in the overall Montreal population (20.4% vs. 13.5%). Many rely on us to remain independent, live with dignity, and stay active and connected to the community through social services, housing, enriching programming or basic needs such as homebound care.

2,073 Holocaust survivors developed a sense of belonging and autonomy thanks to community programs tailored to meet their needs last year.

Federation CJA allocated $2.45 million in 2017-18 to caring for our seniors.


Empowering Our Youth

Basic Needs Federation CJAA bright future for us all requires providing our youth with every opportunity to thrive. The needs of thousands of our youngest community members, particularly among those living in economically or socially challenged environments, are supported through programs such as tuition assistance allocations, early intervention, educational support to help youth-at-risk achieve social and academic success, employment services and school services.

$3 million in tuition-assistance was allocated to 53% of students enrolled in Jewish day school last year, making formal Jewish education more affordable for a considerable number of lower income families.

“Thanks to the community, we have the opportunity to give [these children] the educational support and the undivided attention they may not receive at home. Those hours each week make a big difference in her life… developing the skills she needs to succeed academically and socially.” - Julia, a youth-at-risk volunteer


Individuals with Disabilities

individuals with diabilities federation cjaWe support children and adults with disabilities and their families in meeting their unique challenges and ensuring their participation in Montreal Jewish communal life, including: school-based academic intervention, therapy, camp experiences, supported employment and recreational programs.

Last year, we supported 5,479 individuals with disabilities and their families through 18 programs.


Mental Health

individuals with diabilities federation cjaFederation CJA supports a wide range of mental health programs to help reduce isolation, boost self-esteem, stabilize illnesses and reduce setbacks and hospitalization.

8,513 people in our community received help coping with life challenges and critical situations arising from addiction, abuse and stressful unforeseen events.



individuals with diabilities federation cjaFrom pre-migration to arrival and integration, Federation CJA is there to assist newcomers to our community, and ensure that they feel at home every step of the way.

Last year, 2,215 recent immigrants from France, the Ukraine, Russia and Argentina received a wide range of community support services including employment assistance, language courses, and social activities.