Together, we advance communal interests

funding for Federation CJA Montreal Seperator

Basic Needs Federation CJAOur allocation to Jewish Federations of Canada-United Israel Appeal (JFC-UIA), the national agency for Canadian Jewry, assists us in fulfilling our national mandate on two levels:

National responsibility: Jointly with other large city federations, we protect the vibrancy of Jewish life in smaller communities across Canada.

Advocacy: We provide crucial support to the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), the advocacy arm of Canadian federations, to advance the public policy interests of Canada’s organized Jewish community, fight anti-Semitism in all its forms, provide steadfast support for Israel, and offer expertise and resources to partners facing local advocacy challenges.


Local Advocacy

Basic Needs Federation CJALocally, CIJA-Québec continues to provide strategic advocacy services and programming, and actively engages with government representatives, universities, media, civil society and other faith and ethnic communities to advance our communal interests.

In 2016, advocacy efforts included, among others: on-site support to 25 campuses in 9 provinces; 8 successful anti-BDS initiatives on campus; 1,571 mentions in media; 153 influential Canadians hosted on missions to Israel; 1,000 Jewish and pro-Israel activists trained across Canada; and 30,000 pro-Israel products distributed at Canadian universities.


Social Action

Basic Needs Federation CJAFederation CJA supports communal organizations devoted to social action. We play a leadership role in a coalition of organizations within the Jewish community working to advance public policy issues of common concern such as social equity, anti-poverty, housing and access to health care services. We fight for social justice for all Quebecers and we support organizations that provide practical assistance to the most vulnerable, disadvantaged individuals in society.