Elaine Dubrovsky

President, Women's Philanthropy, 2012-2013

Chair, Women's Campaign, 2005-2006

Spring 1979....A most memorable....a most important....a decision to walk into the Federation CJA building, get involved and hopefully help to secure a strong and safe Jewish future for my soon-to-be-born first child.

Memories of  Federation CJA journeys....To a tarmac in Tel Aviv at the pre-dawn arrival of a plane carrying a baby, an old man, dreams and hope for their families, Israel and me.

To Mombai, delivering gift baskets to the few Jewish Indians celebrating Chanukah.

To Plaszow Krakow, learning of the treasured lives lost through the sad voice of a survivor. Sharing tears and laughter with thousands of participants on the March of the Living.

To lending a helping hand to a young Ethiopian woman experiencing her first plane ride, her first escalator ride and her first Israeli sites.

To sharing ideas, successes, rapprochement with our twin cities in Be'er Sheva and Benei Shimon.

For those we feed at Le Cafe, for those we care for at Ometz, for those we teach to care for themselves at the JEM workshop, for the brilliant young minds that brainstorm at meetings day and night and so capably run the offices...I continue to cherish walking into the Federation CJA building.

Only now, in 2016, I am often accompanied by my grown children as we head to our individual meetings.

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