Bunny Lechter

Women's Federation President, 1996-1998

It was my pleasure and honour to have served as President of Women's Federation from 1997 to 2000. In my capacity as the Women's Federation President, I sat on the board of Federation CJA during the tenure of Yoine Goldstein and Stanley Plotnick. Those years were tumultuous and intense. The amalgamation of Women's Federation and Women's Campaign was accomplished, as well the formulations for the Community Campus, and the plans set into operation.

I first became involved with Women’s Federation when I led Leadership Training for young Jewish women who were interested in our community. I loved working with these girls and I am so proud to count almost all the participants as today's leaders. Subsequently, I sat on the boards with Diane Sasson and Monette Malewski before assuming the presidency.

During my term, I worked very hard to bring Sepharadic and Ashkenazi women to work together, rather than as separate entities, and I feel grateful that the entente started has really become one secure entity.

I initiated the Suited for Success project, which provided women with the appropriate clothing for job interviews.
We organized a day-long symposia to inform our Jewish women about breast cancer and to alert everyone to the existence of the BRCA pathogenic variants that may exist in our genetic profiles. The attendance was overwhelming, and that day was one of my proudest accomplishments.

My advice to young women who wish to become involved in our very important volunteerism is: Do not be shy or intimidated by the building or the system. Find an area that interests you, and if what you are looking for does not exist, speak up and help develop it. I guarantee if you want something there are also others looking for that as well.

The other point that I want to say is, please, do not feel inadequate or embarrassed if you feel that you cannot give as others do financially. Give of your time and energy. I cannot stress how important any involvement is and this involvement will carry you into a very special place.

Visit the areas that Federation CJA supports, you will be amazed at what our community does for our people.

Visit Israel, and establish personal ties with Israelis. Concretize what Israel is by connecting with her people.

My years spent with the special women that I had the privilege of working with has provided me with many of my most meaningful friendships and I am honored to be counted among them.

As to a legacy, I hope that my love of my people will be carried on by my children and my grandchildren. That's legacy enough.

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