Leila Paperman

Women's Philanthropy Campaign Chair, 1976-1977

I had the privilege of being the chair of the Women's Campaign from 1976-77. Two major events occurred in 1976: Montreal became the first city in Canada to host the summer Olympics and the eyes of the world were upon us. Also in that year, Rene Levesque ushered in the era of Quebec nationalism and started the wave of exodus of many Anglophones and Jews from Quebec. We knew that we needed to secure the future of our community and one way to accomplish this was to strengthen the commitment of our young adults. As incoming chair my dream was to start a young peoples' division of Federation CJA. Over the course of my term as chair not only was this dream realized, but the first chair of the young adult division was my son. My message to everyone reading this is to reach for the impossible and if you dream it, it can come true.

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