Diane Sasson

Women's Federation President, 1992-1994

When I first joined Women’s Federation, I was a young mother, blessed with a privileged life. I was looking to be part of my community and volunteer in a meaningful way. At Federation CJA, we took on many projects with a focus on women’s issues and education. The most inspiring part, and what anchored all our endeavours, was the Women’s Federation tradition of working with advisors and scholars-in-residence, allowing us to rely on the wisdom of incredibly accomplished women for guidance and learning, through a process that was deeply rooted in Jewish thought.

One of our projects was joining with Auberge Shalom pour femmes for a community-wide day of education on conjugal violence. This was the project that motivated my involvement with Auberge Shalom and eventually led me to become its Executive Director from 1995-2016.

Being part of a community brings endless opportunities to carry forward our Jewish values of giving, learning, and building with and for our next generation. This is the best gift that Women’s Federation gave me and one for which I will always be grateful.

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