Shelley Rosenberg

West Island Campaign Chair, 2004-2005

I grew up in a home where tzedakah was important; I saw my parents donate to help others. I contributed to CJA monetarily but it was my dear friend, Cheryl Brownstein, who asked if I would take some cards and make the calls. It was my pleasure to do so. Calling contributors was never a chore for me-- I felt it was my turn to give back in another way. It also gave me the opportunity to understand where the money we raise goes. What an eye opener it was to learn of the needs of our community! After a few years, I was asked to co-chair the West Island Campaign. It was with great pride that I took on this role. I was so proud of our successful campaign. I held this position for 2 years .

There are so many wonderful memories. Together with my co-chair, Leona Lands, and our great professional, Debbie Dankoff, we created a positive attitude in the West Island community towards Federation CJA. Many people had no idea what they were contributing to, or the impact of their gift. Education is so important.
It is my hope that our community will continue to be strong and vibrant.

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