Sarah Rubin

Women's Campaign Chair (2006-2007)

President, Hillel

1. How did you get involved with Federation CJA?

Giving back to community— whether time, financially, or both— is a part of my DNA, passed on to me by my parents who were active and involved members of our community. I guess you could say that my involvement is natural.

2. What is your fondest memory to date of your time working with Federation CJA?

My fondest memory is ongoing! Meeting and being active. The friendships I have made are with some of the most remarkable and committed women I have ever known.

3. Can you recall a particular moment or event that impacted you profoundly?

As Chair on Women’s Campaign in 2006, I co-chaired the Chairman’s Mission to Berlin with Ricky Blatt. We were joined by members of our community, most of whom had never made the journey before. Standing at the Holocaust Memorial— in a place which only 60 years prior was the scene of such hatred and violence –was overwhelming and made a lasting impression.

4. What advice would you give to young women following in your footsteps?

Get involved! Give of your time and /or donate to help community here and abroad. We have to stand up for each other – history has taught us that no one else will.

5. What is your legacy?

My legacy is my children, Amanda and Joanna. I sincerely hope they will follow in the footsteps of those who came before them.


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