Sandy Martz

Women's Campaign Chair, 2009-2010

I was introduced to Federation CJA in the 90’s, admittedly with some coercion, by my dear friend Janie Etinson, but once I entered the “door” it was full steam ahead. At that stage of my life I felt very motivated to find a way to serve the community, and hopefully make a difference.

Initially I was involved with Outreach and Education which I ultimately chaired from 2003-2005. At the same time I was introduced to the annual Combined Jewish Appeal campaign, assuming many roles culminating in the Women’s Campaign Chairmanship in 2009-2010, a great honour. We encountered difficult times that year with the economic downturn. However, with the collective efforts of my dedicated team and the Women’s Campaign professional, Gilberte Selvin, we overcame the many challenges and exceeded expectations... a very proud moment. As well, during that year Israel was in crisis, and the Israel Relief Fund was launched. Our commitment to helping Israel was undeniable as we gathered our forces together and did the job.

In addition to my Campaign responsibilities, I was a member of the Special Needs PAC from 2002-2014, and co-chair of Special Needs and Community Grants 2008-2014. Being a member of Community Planning and Allocations (CPAC) gave me many unique and important insights. I fully understood why fundraising was so critical: it is imperative to raise the dollars necessary to meet the perennially increasing needs in all areas of our community.

I encourage the younger generation to get involved. There IS a place for everyone. The opportunities for involvement, personal development, enriching our community, and meeting wonderful, inspiring people, are endless. It has been such a great privilege to participate in many Missions to Israel, each one reinforcing my commitment to Israel, as well as to our Montreal Federation. Communal service is a lifetime labour of love, my support is unwavering and I look forward to many years of continued involvement.

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