Harriet Muroff

Women's Campaign Chair, 1999-2000

My involvement in Federation CJA has given me an opportunity to develop my leadership skills and, more importantly, my personal growth. Giving back has been my greatest reward and benefit.

There are many organizations that coordinate socially conscience causes. In a community organization you have access to an established support system of experienced people who are motivated to get things done. You learn to love what you are doing and more importantly, to be proactive involving the things you discover on the journey.

Getting involved develops a networking system that helps grow personal and professional relationships. You also get a “feel good” aspect from volunteering, This requires a commitment of one’s personal time devoted to program planning and fundraising. The bottom line consists of active involvement, and the benefits and rewards are instantly gratifying.

The opportunity to visit Israel on several occasions during my tenure were also memorable. However, the moment I will never forget was being asked, on Israel’s Independence Day, to recite the very same words David Ben-Gurion made after the establishment of the State, in the very same room. I was reliving history.

My advice to young women with an interest in getting involved with Federation CJA would be for them to take pride in being a Jew, help the less fortunate in our community, and contribute to ensuring a vibrant Israel.

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