Rhona Blanshay

President, Jewish Family Services (JFS), 2002-2004

For most of my adult life, I have been involved with various organizations as a volunteer. After completing my term as President of an Israel-based organization, I felt that the time was right to work for a local community agency. When I was asked to join Jewish Family Services (JFS), I was very pleased and excited to accept this new challenge.

There are many proud memories of my time with JFS, as we provided a wide range of social services. Our school support program provided counselling, addressing problems such as bullying & drug addiction. Our community assistance program gave support to families by offering retraining opportunities & encouraging financial independence & self-sufficiency. Our family & children’s services included community & mental health aid for individuals & their families. Listening to clients give their very personal stories of how JFS helped them has had a profound & a lasting impact.

My message to young women with very busy lives: Try to find some time for volunteering. You will find that your commitment not only benefited the organization you were helping, but that your experience will have enriched your own life.

My legacy: I hope that in some small way I have made a positive contribution to the quality of life for members of our wonderful, unique Montreal Jewish community.

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