Sylvia Darmond-Toledano

Sepharade Women's Campaign Chair, 1991-1992

I lived in Laval at a time when the Sephardi community was not yet organized and my priority was my family and my work, so I didn’t have many contacts in our community.

As my children grew, I realized how important it was to me, more than I had thought, that they get to know and become closer to our community. For that to happen, I would have to be an example. So I decided to get involved.

By a happy coincidence, I met a person through my work who was very involved and this encounter got me interested in social services. I was appointed to the Board of Directors for the CLSC René-Cassin. Two years later, I was elected President of the organization.

From that moment on, I sat on different committees including the one for the Combined Jewish Appeal campaign. I canvassed for three years. I met and worked with different people who amazed me with their commitment and devotion. When in turn I was approached to become President of the Campaign, I accepted without hesitation. It was an extraordinary opportunity to serve my community, more so since I was Co-President with an exceptional colleague.

Since this wonderful experience, I’ve continued to volunteer in other areas and this has done immense good for me. More than anything, I hope that my small contribution, this drop of water in the ocean added to the contributions of others, can make a small difference.

For me, to volunteer is to grow.

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