Rhoda Vineberg

Women's Federation President, 1998-2000

Women's Campaign Chair, 1992-1993

1992 – an absolute banner year….

This was the year that I assumed the Chairmanship of Women’s Campaign – a year most memorable, exciting, educational and life-affirming.

My journey to that experience began many years before, with the example set by my parents, who instilled in me a love of Judaism, community and volunteerism. After teaching high school math and Latin, I was devoted to raising my family and began volunteering through my synagogue, where I learned the importance of doing good deeds: “Kol Israel Arevim Zeh La-Zeh,” “All Jews are responsible for one another,” for no Jew stands alone.

I then served two terms as an elected Westmount City Councilor – a task which was most inspiring and rewarding. Subsequently, a new experience evolved when I was approached by Beverlee Ashmele, Director of Women’s Federation, the predecessor of Women’s Philanthropy, to become involved in their Political Action Committee. This opened the door to a whole new world of involvement through Program Development, Judaic Studies, superb missions to Israel and the former Soviet Union, Leadership Training, Fundraising, Public Relations Committee, Chair of Women’s Federation, Executive position on the Federation Board and much more. Throughout, I was enveloped by a cadre of dynamic women and men, volunteers and professionals, with whom I formed a bond of lasting friendship and good will.

The doors of Federation CJA are open and welcoming, offering a world of camaraderie, adventure and, above all, fulfillment of a desire to give back to community and to have fun doing it.

I truly believe that a mother passes on important Jewish values and sets the example for her family – my husband, Robert, was Chair of Campaign in 1996 and continues his active involvement in Federation CJA today; our son, Justin, sits on the Board of Federation CJA, our daughter-in-law, Samantha, is involved in Women's Philanthropy, as is our daughter, Deborah, at her Federation in New Jersey. The commitment to help others in a meaningful way is a strong message that is being passed on from one generation to the next.

To the young women of today, I would recommend you become involved in any of the many facets of Federation CJA where opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment abound. What a great opportunity, one that shouldn’t be missed. Get involved…you’ll be so thankful you did!!!

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