Nancy Ditkofsky

Women's Philanthropy Campaign Chair, 2011-2012

Family and community are an integral part of my life and have shaped and motivated my participation in Federation CJA and Women's Philanthropy.

1992 and 1993 were pivotal years in my life. In '92, my parents took our family to Poland to witness their "Roots." We shared stories of daily life, survival, and family. We shared stories of culture, tragedy, love, and Jewish identity. In '93, I went with my husband on a Federation CJA Mission to Israel. We learned about community, diversity, and fortitude. We learned about bravery, tikun olam, and Jewish life. Both journeys added to the lessons I experienced at home, they ignited a fire, a drive to be a part of something special.

Over the years, I have had many roles in Federation CJA. In 2011, I chaired the Women's Campaign. I met talented and dedicated women. We became "sisters by choice." Leaders young and old inspired me to work harder, to reach for more. My passion became the March of the Living Program, where I could impact our youth, our future leaders, in their Jewish identity and Jewish continuity. Leading trips to Poland and Israel fueled my soul and inspired me to touch others.

Montreal is a special community: It's all about diversity, acceptance, caring, and vibrancy. Become involved, become inspired, become a "sister by choice." It's your turn to ignite the spark!

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