Freda Rashkovan

President, Cummings Jewish Centre for Seniors (CJCS), 2006-2008

It is hard for me to know where to begin. My involvement with both Federation CJA and Women's Federation is lengthy. One has to look past Young Leadership and Leadership Award winners for the full story.

When my term as Chair of Community Planning and allocations was over, I was approached by the then Executive Director Herb Finkelberg and President Allan Schneiderman to become involved with the Cummings Centre, with the understanding that I would go on to serve as President. I accepted and never regretted the decision.

My fondest memories are two-fold; working with a dedicated and creative staff and volunteers, both lay and administrative, and Co-Chairing the 50th anniversary celebrations with the late Gladi Gubitz, who became a close and treasured friend following our involvement in the centre.

I might attempt to sum up my feelings about my time spent at the Cummings Centre by saying that watching the centre grow and develop into a centre of excellence, by providing a vast selection of programs and services to the population 50 years of age and up, was and continues to be heartwarming, and makes me feel proud to be part of that development.

My suggestion to women who want to advance and become a leader is to pick your issues and work on the most significant ones. Remember to say “thank you.” I would also recommend having a mentor.

My community legacy can be marked by my initiative to merge the Golden Age Society and Jewish Support Services for the Elderly into what we now know as the Cummings Centre for Seniors, and by my initiative to get Federation CJA developed on the West Island. I like to think that my presence made a difference by being a role model to other women and demonstrating how one can have a positive impact on community.


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