Etty Abitbol

Sepharade Women's Campaign Chair, 2010-2011

Growing up, my parents Jacob and Therese Attias, always instilled in me the importance of tzedaka and family. As my children were getting older, I felt a need to demonstrate the same values of community, and giving back to others. That is why I decided to get involved with Federation CJA.

My fondest memory of working with Federation CJA, is the exemplary dedication of our professionals and the inspiring community we get to work with. I got to see on a daily basis what it truly means to care for one another, and how connected we all are based on our faith and values. KOL ISRAEL AREVIM ZE LEZE. As long as we care, the flame of our heritage will grow stronger and stronger.

I recall being at Le Café, and serving dinner to this extremely elegant, inspiring, elderly couple that came for a dinner date. I got to listen to their stories, and felt a sense of gratification knowing that I am a part of a community with a remarkable history and values. There is comfort in knowing that we will always have somewhere to go, surrounded by people who care.

Do not be afraid to get involved. You are the one who can help make a difference in so many ways you never imagined were possible. Volunteer work gives you a natural sense of self confidence and accomplishment. Through your actions, families will feel secure, the younger generations can expand their knowledge of their heritage, and the aging population will feel comforted knowing that their values, hard work, and legacy will prevail.
Be kind, caring, and humble. There is no greater feeling than giving people a sense of pride and identity.

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