Roslyn Wolfe

Women's Campaign Chair, 1990-1991

When my sister, Shirley Goldfarb, became Chairman of Women's Division, she insisted that I be on her executive. As I did not have much canvasser experience, I became her social secretary. From there, I went on to assume many leadership roles in community. I was Chair of Women's Campaign in 1990, I co-chaired the 1st Mega Mission (an incredible experience!) with Jonathan Wener and Rosalind Goodman z"l and the General Assembly with Rosalind Goodman.

My chairmanship was very unique--it was called Operation Exodus and started in the spring ending in August. We raised $64 million!! People gave their regular gift and made an additional pledge payable over 3 years to help rescue Jews from Russia. We even travelled to Moscow to visit Refuseniks in their homes and saw first-hand how desperately they wanted to leave. Upon our return, President Reagan went to meet President Gorbachev to begin the process of letting our people go. And a few weeks later, I watched as Barbara Frum interviewed the very same couple we had just visited!

My advice and encouragement to the next generation is to get involved. You will discover that once you extend yourself to community, it enriches your life. You will get more out of it than you give! I wish for others to benefit from their experiences as much as I have.

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