Miriam Clamen

President, Jewish Vocational Services (JVS) 1988-1990

I personally owe my involvement with Federation CJA to close friend and community activist Cecily Bregman. My life was busy enough as a homemaker who also held ‘outside’ jobs, but Cecily persevered in her goal to get me involved.Thankfully, I did join the Board of Jewish Vocational Services (JVS), as it was then called, and thus began a most exciting, gratifying, and, I might add, humbling experience for me.

The Board members were an amalgam of bright, devoted, and above all, inspiring individuals who ‘aim to make life better’ for all those who came calling to our facilities. The professionals, as well – the counsellors, the director – were equally devoted and steadfast in their guidance and direction.
Most vividly, I recall the sheltered workshop, that miraculous setting where personal dignity and even self-fulfilment were promoted and achieved. The memory of those smiles and happy faces I tea wonderful place have remained with me.

I cherish the memories of my years at JVS – as an active member and as President. In that latter capacity, I acquired a heathy respect for the function and workings of Federation CJA – as funder and overseer.
To any young woman today, even though they may be burdened by advancing careers, family and even breadwinning – my message would be that community service and involvement adds an incalculable dimension to our lives, and makes us more complete in every way!

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