A message of support

December 3, 2019

On November 28, Jewish McGill student Jordyn Wright was targeted during a vote by the SSMU Legalislative Council, where a motion was passed demanding her resignation from the student government if she participated in Hillel Montreal's Face to Face program, an opportunity to visit Israel and the Palestinian territories with other student leaders.

We welcome the news that the SSMU Board decided last night to reject the motion against Ms. Wright. As well, Federation CJA applauds the McGill administration's message to the university community that was issued yesterday, which raised serious concerns about the SSMU's attempt to censure Ms. Wright, denouncing it as contrary to the school's values of "inclusion, diversity and respect".

The incident follows a pattern at McGill over the past several years, in which Jewish or Zionist students are singled out for ostracization by the SSMU for their real or perceived political views. No part of any student government should ever abuse its power to single out and marginalize its members on the basis of their identity, religious beliefs or political views. Though we are satisfied with the outcome, Ms. Wright should never have been subjected to this unjust treatment in the first place.

We are, however, heartened by the fact that scores of students spoke out against this injustice and that multiple SSMU councillors and constituents co-authored an open letter of denunciation. Clearly, attempts to ostracize Ms. Wright did not accurately reflect the feelings of the broader McGill community.

We are proud of the outstanding work that our advocacy agent, CIJA, achieved in close cooperation with Hillel Montreal, a subdivision of GenMtl. Together, they stood with students, ensuring they had the tools and support they needed to feel safe and respected.

Gail Adelson-Marcovitz
President, Federation CJA

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