Thank you for applying to Federation CJA’s Passport to Jewish Life Fellowship- a groundbreaking community-wide initiative for professional development to support experiential educators.

The Passport to Jewish Life Fellowship is an 18-month training program, consisting of 3 seminars, a cohort-based Community of Practice, and regular organizational coaching for a 2-person team from each participating institution. The Fellowship will be delivered by M2: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education.

The program will immerse a diverse cohort of educators in Montreal in the underlying theories and educational pedagogies of experiential education; as the program progresses, participants will process and deduce learnings from their experience in a supportive environment. Participants will learn from faculty, as well as have opportunities to interact closely with and challenge one-another. Each participant will ultimately walk away with enhanced learning, language and invaluable skills to apply to their own careers. The Fellowship will strengthen each participating institution in offering more effective educational programs.

The application below is an opportunity for us to get to know you on both a personal and professional level. We look forward to reading your responses and very much welcome your honesty and candor. 

All fields are mandatory.

If you have any questions, please contact Natana Shek.

SECTION #1: The Basics
1. Please complete the following personal information
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2. Please provide the following information about your current work
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3. In which educational setting do you work?
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4. Organizational type
* Which organizational type best reflects your setting?
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5. Please include the name of one reference that we may contact to learn more about you
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SECTION #2: Learning more about you
6. Please share a brief description of your current role.
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7. Please share your motivation for applying to this Fellowship. Why now?
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8. Choose one of the following two questions to answer
* Options
Option #1: What is a Jewish value that motivates you and how does it manifest in your work? 
Option #2: What are important Jewish values that you have learned from a past or present educator? How have these values challenged you? 
9. Choose one of the following two questions to answer
* Options
Option #1: What is something you recently learned about yourself? How has it influenced your work? 
Option #2: What is the greatest risk you have taken professionally? What did it teach you about yourself? 
10. How would your colleagues describe your role in group settings, both positive and negative?
* Max 150 words

* Upload your current resume
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* Upload a high-resolution head-shot
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