Federation CJA 360 - June 22, 2018
US leaves UN Human Rights Council over Israel bias.

This week’s 360 covers the US decision to leave the UN Human Rights Council over Israel bias, and Jewish groups working to support migrant families along the border. In sports news, the 2018 World Cup has started and we have all the top Jewish soccer storylines for you to follow. Plus the trailer for the new YidLife Crisis mini-documentary, Narishkayt (Yiddish for “silliness”), and more. Shabbat Shalom and enjoy the long weekend!


Shabbat Candlelight
June 22 | 8:29 PM

US leaves UN Human Rights Council over Israel bias
US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley objected to the presence of human rights abusers on the council, and its disproportionate focus on Israel.

Source: Jewish Telegraphic Agency

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World Cup 2018: 7 Jewish stories to watch
Keep your eyes out for the Jewish announcer who made “¡GOOOOOOOAL!” famous, two soccer stars who play for Israeli clubs, and Jerusalem’s Jaffa Gate being used as a soccer goal during the semifinals.

Source: Jewish Telegraphic Agency

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Jewish activists are helping families separated at the southern US border
A broad spectrum of Jewish groups from all major denominations have spoken out against the policy and Jews are providing physical or legal assistance to migrants.

Source: Jewish Telegraphic Agency

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Herzog to become Jewish Agency head despite Netanyahu’s opposition
The opposition leader will replace Natan Sharansky.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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Watch the trailer for Narishkayt: Yidlife Crisis in Krakow
In the new mini-documentary, comedy duo Chaimie (Jamie Elman) and Leizer (Eli Batalion) travel to Krakow and discover the city's ever-renewing Jewish community.

Source: YouTube

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Charles Krauthammer, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and intellectual provocateur, dies at 68
Remembering the high-profile commentator, who was raised in Montreal and went to McGill.

Source: Washington Post

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Source: Federation CJA

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