Federation CJA 360 - April 13, 2018
Yair Szlak named new CEO of Federation CJA.

Shabbat Shalom! From a moving video commemorating the Holocaust through song to details about our upcoming Israel Day Rally to the announcement of Federation CJA’s new CEO, we hope you enjoy this week’s roundup of Jewish news from around the world!

Shabbat Candlelight
April 13 | 7:20PM

Yair Szlak named new CEO of Federation CJA
Mazel Tov to Yair Szlak, a skilled and passionate community leader, who will begin his new position on May 1.

Source: Canadian Jewish News

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Israel Day Rally in Montreal: April 19
Please join us in this inspiring celebration of Israel through song, dance and exciting guests!

Source: Federation CJA

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Canada adopts May as Jewish Heritage Month
“[This] will provide an opportunity for all Canadians to reflect on and celebrate the incredible contributions that Jewish Canadians have made to our country,” said Liberal MP Michael Levitt.

Source: Canadian Jewish News

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Commemorating the Holocaust through Song
Hundreds of Holocaust survivors and their families gathered in Israel with Koolulam to sing Ofra Haza’s “Chai,” a song about the endurance of the Jewish people.

Source: Federation CJA

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Report: Anti-Semitism rises, but violence against Jews falls
2017 was characterized by a normalization and mainstreaming of anti-Semitism not seen in Europe since World War II.

Source: Montreal Gazette
Image source: Jerusalem Post

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GenMTL launches new initiative: MTL Couples
Register for these exciting upcoming events and programs in May!

Source: Federation CJA

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Photo taken during the Holocaust Survivor Recognition Luncheon as part of the Centennial of Federation CJA and the 375th anniversary of the City of Montreal. (Source: Federation CJA)

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, The 100 Survivor Fund of the 100th Combined Jewish Appeal surpassed its goal of raising $12 million to augment current funding levels and improve the quality of life of our survivors in need over the next 10 years.

To learn more about your impact, click here.


Young Adult Networking Lunch with Nir Caspi
Jewish Chamber of Commerce
Time: Tuesday, April 17 | 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Yom Hazikaron Ceremony and Nashir ve Nizkor with Yonina
Israel and Overseas
Time: Tuesday, April 17 | 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

GenMTL Lunch & Learn Series, with Israel Fellow Raz Tidhar
Info: [email protected]
Time: April 18

Israel Day Rally in Montreal #IRDM70
Time: Thursday, April 19 | 11:00 AM start time

Post-Yom Ha'atzmaut Party
GenMTL & Hillel
Time: Thursday, April 19 | 1:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Yom Yerushalayim: Mother’s Day Edition
Time: Sunday, May 13 | 2:00 PM


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As per the recommendation of Canadian health experts, Federation CJA is advocating and practicing social distancing. Emerging research shows people can be contagious without showing symptoms, making it difficult to know who is spreading the disease. In order to \"flatten the curve\" on the pandemic and keep our community safe, we are postponing or cancelling all upcoming events until further notice. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.
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