L'dor v'dor - The Gift of Giving

Share your values of tzedakah: Send a Chanukah card today!

Thanks for your interest in Women Philanthropy’s L’dor V’dor: The Gift of Giving initiative. Sharing your values of tzedakah and L’dor V’dor with your loved ones is always an important deed. Make a gift to Yom Yocheved Clothing Giveaway in the name of someone you love and they will receive a personalized Chanukah card sharing your special gift.

$18 buys 1 pair of boots for a child in need
$36 buys 1 snowsuit for a child in need

Federation CJA's annual Yom Yocheved Clothing Giveaway offers a free shopping spree to individuals in need. The event is made possible thanks to generous manufacturers and retailers. Every year, over 650 children's snowsuits and boots are distributed thanks to generous gifts from donors in our community!

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