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Welcome to the Network

The Network is a division of Federation CJA that aims to provide Montreal's Jewish business professionals with opportunities to build community by connecting and networking – personally, professionally and philanthropically.

In 2014, The Network Division was established as an amalgamation of the Builders & Real Estate, ELAN (Every Lawyer, Accountant and Notary), Financial Services, Fashion, Entrepreneurs and Health & Academia Divisions of Federation CJA.

The new Network structure encompasses over 2,500 loyal and dedicated existing donors to the annual fundraising campaign. The Network will measure success in meaningful ways that relate to the mission of Federation CJA – building community and providing for the needs that are uniquely our responsibility, while allowing members to touch, feel and become inspired by the life-changing work of Federation CJA and our partner agencies.

We look forward to bringing you various enhanced, rewarding, and meaningful networking opportunities, exciting programs, speakers and events, and to work together to continue making a significant difference in our Montreal Jewish community.

Contact Us

Lindsay Rothstein, Director, Major Gifts and Networks
Tel: 514-345-2645 #3201

Message from the President

Jimmy Alexander -President, The NetworkAs president of The Network division of Federation CJA, it has been my primary goal to provide you with more than just a thank you for being a dedicated and proud member of Combined Jewish Appeal. To that end, and with a lot of thought, research—and input from many of you—we developed The Network.

The Network is designed to offer high value “money can’t buy” experiences and opportunities for you to learn, network and grow. Our CEO in Camera, Executive Lunch, Power Breakfast and Fly-In programs have been launched and judging from the level of participation and feedback we are getting, they are sensational.

Through our Fly-In programs we have visited Las Vegas, New York and Chicago, where we had the opportunity to meet with business and community leaders who were candid and hospitable.  These included meetings with philanthropist and former US ambassador Ronald Lauder, business scion Larry Silverstein, hedge fund manager David Einhorn, American business magnate Sam Zell, and Brian Greenspun, owner of The Las Vegas Sun, who kept us raptured with lesser known stories of Jimmy Hoffa and Frank Sinatra and their involvement in the creation of the State of Israel.  

Our CEO in Camera series provides access to local business leaders including Geoff Molson, Alain Bouchard and Roland Walton.

Finally, I am thrilled and honoured to announce that Marc Kimmel has graciously accepted the position of 2016 Network Division Campaign Chair. I am excited to work alongside Marc and build a stronger community for our future together.

We hope you will join us and take advantage of the many benefits coming your way!

Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to email me at

Sincerely yours,

Jimmy Alexander, President, The Network Division