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Frédéric Dayan, Chair of Sepharade Philanthropy Campaign and Sylvain Abitbol, President of Sepharade Philanthropy Frédéric Dayan, Chair, Sepharade Philanthropy Campaign and Sylvain Abitbol, President of Sepharade Philanthropy

Sepharade Philanthropy is calling on our community’s growing population of Sephardic individuals to help build the future of Jewish Montreal. Sepharade Philanthropy mobilizes women and men who are committed to social responsibility and to the concept of collective giving, promoting our common interests, and improving the quality of life in our society. 

VISION: Develop a sustainable and enriching division of Federation CJA which is representative of our cultural diversity and unique Sephardic voice.

OBJECTIVES: Achieve an increase in charitable giving, by promoting the values of chesed and tsedaka that Federation CJA holds so dear; promote Israel engagement; and defend social justice in Montreal, Israel and over 70 countries around the world.

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Sylvain-Abitbol Sylvain Abitbol, President of Sepharade Philanthropy

This centennial year, Federation CJA is proud to announce the establishment of the Sepharade Philanthropy division.

In the late 1960's the immigration boom in Montreal brought in some newcomers who wished to build an organization dedicated to fundraising.

The initial core of today’s community was the Association sépharade francophone (ASF), which was formed not long after the Association juive nord-africaine, the Groupement juif nord-africain and the Fédération sépharade des juifs de langue française, among others.

In 1966, the precursor to Federation CJA, Allied Jewish Community Services,and the Association Sépharade Francophone, came together to create Combined Jewish Appeal’s Francophone committee, a  French-speaking branch of this organization, designed to serve our French-speaking population, and uniting all the Sephardic community's driving leadership forces.

And so, from one generation to the next, different leaders helped build a campaign that increased the Sephardic community's awareness of collective giving.
At present, the annual Sephardic campaign raises over $3,000,000.  It is a legacy which honours all our predecessors who were committed to Israel and who defended social justice in Montreal.

"Campaign" designates activities that, over a given period, raise funds for the annual fundraiser of the Jewish community's umbrella organization, Combined Jewish Appeal. Alternatively, Philanthropy refers to a set of values, beliefs and attitudes that improve the quality of life of the Jewish community. This includes volunteer work, mutual aid and the significant involvement of patrons and leaders, all year long.

The transition from Sepharade Campaign to Sepharade Philanthropy underlines the need for change and renewal within Federation CJA to develop and improve our engagement and fundraising efforts. As the organization is continuously adapting to an evolving and competitive fundraising environment, a strategic plan for the next years will play an important role in supporting growth, gathering resources and fostering leadership. We plan on carrying out an in-depth analysis of the Sephardic demographic within the Montreal Jewish community and its rising generation of business people. We also aim to develop more vehicles of communication and identity levers.
This change will help develop a sustainable Sephardic patronage and leadership, and aims to increase annual donations and create diversified endowment funds for the years to come.

This new approach reaffirms a strong Sephardic presence driven by renewed leadership, offering a dynamic and indispensable contribution. Under this approach, the current challenges of the Jewish community will be considered opportunities to move forward.
It is our firm belief that the transition to Sepharade Philanthropy will revitalize and invigorate our role within the Jewish philanthropic organization and further enrich Federation CJA, and the Combined Jewish Appeal campaign as a whole.

Sylvain Abitbol
President, Sepharade Philanthropy

Message from Sepharade Philanthropy Chair

Sylvain-Abitbol Frédéric Dayan, Chair, Sepharade Philanthropy Campaign

Our community’s economic and even cultural survival depends a great deal on the amount of funds collected during the annual Federation CJA campaigns.”

These are the words of my father, Raoul Dayan z''l, President of Federation CJA’s Sepharade division in 1987. In the same interview with LVS, he went on to point out that “Youth represent our future. If through the efforts they put into this Campaign, they learn to truly understand the concept of tzedakah, I am confident that their community involvement will be long-lasting.”

In the late 1960’s, Allied Jewish Community Services, the precursor to Federation CJA, and the Association Sépharade Francophone came together to form Combined Jewish Appeal’s Francophone Committee. This committee united the Sephardic community’s driving leadership forces. And so, from one generation to the next, different leaders helped build an annual fundraising campaign that promoted the power of collective giving to the Sephardic community.

Thirty years later, here I am, following in the footsteps of my father as President of the Sepharade Philanthropy Campaign. In 1987, the leadership team wished to collect $1,000,000. Thirty years later, the Campaign has surpassed our expectations, raising over $3,000,000 annually. It is a legacy which honours all our predecessors, who were committed to Israel and who defended social justice in Montreal.

I have the privilege of being surrounded by a team of leaders, from newly engaged to experienced, who participate with conviction and enthusiasm in a variety of community causes. They each take responsibility and contribute in their own way to the well-being of the community.

My father z'’l had every reason to believe that Combined Jewish Appeal was going to become an integral part of all the Sephardic people’s lives. Today, all volunteers, leaders and donors exemplify the spirit of tzedakah and enhance the value of the Jewish community organization driven by the Sepharade Philanthropy.

In Federation CJA’s centennial year, I wish for a successful campaign that will help us overcome the many challenges we are facing today, and pay tribute to a man who dedicated his life to the community’s institutions and causes.

Frédéric Dayan
Chair, Sepharade Philanthropy Campaign

A message from Sepharade Philanthropy Chair, Frederic Dayan

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