Israel and Overseas

Federation CJA’s relationship with Israel reflects the deeply held commitment of our community to the state. We act on the principle of our collective responsibility for one another, and our activities in Israel reflect our desire to ensure Jewish vibrancy, a Jewish future, and to represent and defend our communal interests.

Federation CJA and its partners in Israel, gather on-the-ground expertise to invest in programs that make real changes in Israel, and primarily in the Negev. Through our special partnership with Beersheva/Bnei Shimon and through the operation of Federation CJA's Israel & Overseas department, we effect real changes for both the short and long term foundations of securing Israel’s future.

A most important common thread has been connecting people to people. Our relationship to each other has become one of mutual benefit, learning from one another and building together. Through our Partnership2Gether programs, we build these important people-to-people relationships; we sustain our common bonds; we develop our leaders of tomorrow and give them the skills to enhance the Jewish vibrancy of our respective communities.

The programs we support are not just “funding of projects”. They are a sampling of the network of Federation CJA’s partners and program providers, other funders in Israel and governments at all levels working together to strengthen both Israel and our Montreal Jewish community.

We have identified five major areas where Federation CJA, the Israel & Overseas department and our partners pledge to make a lasting difference.


Youth Futures Cultural Identity Doll Workshop Moves to Eilat

by Merridy Gale Kotler, BFA, Montreal Art Educator Specializing In Workshop Development.
This summer I was invited to Eilat /Eilot to teach and facilitate the Cultural Identity Doll project that I created for the children of Youth Futures in Beer Sheva Bnai Shimon. (more)

Youth Future Program In Beer Sheva - Bnei Shimon - "Making Dreams Comes True"

Youth Futures Summer Workshops
by Merridy Gale Kotler, BFA, Montreal Art Educator Specializing In Workshop Development.
Three years ago, I travelled to Israel to work on a project for an artist book with the proceeds from it earmarked for Youth Futures. Knowing my educational background as an art educator specializing in creative art workshops and cultural identity, I was asked if it was possible to facilitate a workshop for the children of Youth Futures while I was there. (more)

Gil Troy  showcases "living bridge" Jewish Identity activity linking Beer Sheva-Bnei Shimon with Montreal


Young Communities Be'er Sheva

Federation CJA provides funds for Israel via appropriate agency and other legal agreements

  • Through donations to support the work of the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI)
  • Through a special partnership with Beersheva/Bnei Shimon in the Negev
  • Through support of specific Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) programs
  • Through designated grants for specific projects in Israel
  • Through the operation of Federation's Israel and Overseas department
  • Through the operation of Bronfman Israel Experience Centre (BIEC)

Federation CJA sponsors Israeli cultural programming in Montreal. It organizes Yom Ha’atzmaut celebrations and Yom Hazikaron commemorations.

Federation CJA is one of 155 North American Jewish federations. It is a member organization of the Jewish Federations of North America ( and contributes to  the Joint Distribution Committee (

Federation CJA provides funding to Israel through contributions to Jewish Federations of Canada - UIA (