Welcome to Federation CJA’s Community Resources Portal. We are proud to join together with Jewish organizations and communities around the world in a unified effort to raise awareness and champion the rights of people living with disabilities.

Recognizing that access to resources are key to supporting a welcoming and inclusive community, we are committed to providing access to a variety of community resources for families to participate more meaningfully in Montreal Jewish life. Federation CJA has developed a community resources portal to help you get started and to support parents, people living with disabilities, and professionals from various organizations on their journey to full inclusion. Together we are helping to build a more inclusive community for all of us.

Disability Inclusion Community Repository


ALink Foundation

This organization provides young adults with neuro-diverse challenges an opportunity to build relationships with others in the community, and develop diverse skillsets through a variety of programs and initiatives.


This organization supports children and youth with different needs to reach their potential in school and succeed. They support inclusive education and learning through a variety of programs and services

Benjamin & Vanda Treiser Maison Shalom

This organization is a professionally run group home that supports people living with intellectual, emotional, and physical disabilities in a safe, stimulating and family style atmosphere. Respite services are provided here for children and young adults living with disabilities.

The C.A.R.E Centre

This organization provides recreational and educational day program for adults over the age of 21 with physical disabilities.

Cummings Centre for Seniors- Adapted Programs

The Cummings Centre’s Adapted Programming offers social programs and recovery services designed for older adults who have experienced a stroke, progressive neuromuscular disorders, Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, or other health challenges.

The Donald Berman Yaldei Developmental Center

This organization offers a diverse range of clinical, educational, and recreational programs and services to help children of all abilities reach their full potential in life. 

Free Hebrew for Juniors

This organization provides Jewish children in greater Montreal access to Jewish education, including schools that support children living with disabilities.

Friendship Circle of Quebec

Friendship Circle fosters friendships in the lives of individuals living with disabilities through various programs including FC Connect for young adults, winter and summer camps for children, teens, and young adults, and a range of recreational, social, educational, and vocational programming throughout the year. 

Hebrew Foundation School

Rooted in Jewish values, this elementary school supports students living with disabilities through a range of student services.

JEM Workshop Inc.

This Agency operates as an adapted workplace for employees of diverse abilities in Montreal, helping them to progress towards normalized living and a productive vocational status within a supportive work environment.

Jewish Public Library- Books on Wheels

The Library’s Books on Wheels service delivers books, audiobooks, CDs, and DVDs to people who are physically or visually impaired to their homes or while in the hospital via the Jewish General Hospital eBook service.

Miriam Foundation

This organization has roots with Miriam Home, and supports a range of key services for the children, young adults, and adults living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Intellectual Disabilities (ID) in the community.

Montreal Holocaust Museum

The Montreal Holocaust Museum has recently developed a sensory map for members with sensory sensitivities to be able to use, and runs ASL (American Sign Language)/LSQ (Langue des Signes québécoise) interpreted Holocaust testimonials.

Ometz Supported Employment Services

Ometz Mental Health Support

Ometz supports community members living with disabilities and their families with the support they need to find and keep a job, and with day-to-day life such as parenting groups or counselling.

Project Genesis

Project Genesis’ (PG) Storefront Services provide confidential support to individuals experiencing challenges in areas such as housing, welfare, pensions, and family benefits – free of charge. PG also offers services to individuals completing disability-related government forms and applications.

The Segal Centre for Performing Arts- Accessibility

The Segal Centre is committed to being an accessible theatre space for all patrons. Check out the Accessibility or Beyond the Stage page for more information about their ASL interpreted shows, Relaxed Performances (sensory-friendly), and Audio-Described Performances.

The Shira Choir

This choir initiative operating out of the Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue is open to any adult aged 18+ living with a disability who loves to sing and perform in public. This group has performed at several high profile events in Montreal in recent months.

Sylvan Adams YM-YWHA-Inclusion Services Department

The YM-YWHA offers a wide range of social programs and services throughout the year for people living with disabilities including children, young adults, and adults. Check out the Tikvah Special Needs Family Camp, a unique 4-day program for families with children who have disabilities and their siblings.


Community Inclusion Databases & Repositories

All Access Life

Connecting people to accessible resources, this site developed by a local Dawson College student is a one stop shop for the latest products in technology, apps, and resources specific to different kinds of disabilities.


This extensive resource repository includes an activities glossary, and useful links to connect families looking for inclusive sport and recreational activities in and around Montreal.

Inspirations and English Montreal School Board Database for Special Needs Resources

This database is far-reaching, kept up-to-date and easily accessible including a wide range of disability-themed resources for parents, caregivers, and teachers in the Montreal community.


This is the home-page of JDAIM (Jewish Disability Awareness, Acceptance & Inclusion Month) for a one-stop shop including the JDAIM Program Guide, JDAIM Promotional Materials for download, and much more.

Jooay App

This is a free app developed by McGill University researchers that connects children and youth with disabilities and their families to leisure activities close by in Montreal. It is also a community for parents, professionals and educators to connect, exchange, and learn from each other.


This repository of resources contains some printable and user-friendly resources for families supporting a child with a disability during the holidays, Hebrew reading, and in schools.

Ruderman Synagogue Inclusion Project

This repository of resources was compiled to help synagogues get started with inclusion, including manuals for high holidays, large print siddurim, self-assessments, and planning check-lists.

This dynamic and evolving portal represents a sub-sample of resources, and is not inclusive of all resources available in the Montreal community at any given time. Federation CJA is not in a position to recommend or endorse any resources that are not directly affiliated or supported by our organization. We strongly suggest that readers research these resources to determine if they are appropriate for the care of their child and meet their specific needs.


Should you have any questions, Federation CJA will be here to assist and help guide you. Please feel free to reach out to Federation CJA’s Community Inclusion Coordinator, Carly Goodman at [email protected] or at 514-734-1352.

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