Beatrice Assouline-Thomas
Beatrice Assouline-Thomas

Hi, I'm Beatrice, a mom of four children (16, 14, 10 and 3). I'm looking forward to meeting young families who are looking for French programs in the City of Montreal. Having been welcomed into the Montreal Jewish community when I arrived from France 15 years ago, I am eager to welcome new families into our community and to share my family's love for PJ Library with them.

Favourite family weekend activity: Enjoying Shabbat at synagogue, cooking, having guests and watching a movie with the kids on Sunday!

Favourite Jewish holiday or tradition: While I love them all, lighting the Shabbat candles is always a special moment. 

About Me: I am a passionate research scientist and a very loving wife and mother. I came to Canada 15 years ago from France with my then-toddler first-born daughter and my husband. We have since grown as a family and in our Jewish observance. We decided to settle down here in Montreal because of this wonderful community that welcomed us and that we now happily belong to! As a Parent Connector, I am proud and eager to be able to share that enthusiasm and to pass that on to other families while helping to build a strong community for our children.

Stephanie Benabou & John Sagar
Stephanie Benabou & John Sagar

Hi, we're Stephanie and John, joint Parent Connectors in the West Island, with children ages 5 and almost 3 years old. We're looking forward to planning weekend family programs with our kids and creating evening programs for just us parents!

Favourite family weekend activity: We both love traveling, going to the park, swimming with our kiddos and just being silly together; John is the self-proclaimed silliest of the bunch!

Favourite Jewish holiday or tradition: We both love the joy that our kids bring to the holidays, and that the holidays bring to them. While John's current fave is Simchat Torah, I love hearing my children sing after we light the Shabbat candles together!

About us: John and I met in the Canadian Armed Forces and currently reside in Dollard-des-Ormeaux with our two children. We got involved in the Jewish community through participating in GenMTL's Honeymoon Israel trip in 2018. I am a chemical engineer, John works in revenue management, and together, we share a passion for strengthening the Jewish community, one family at a time. We can't wait to meet you!

Sabrina Bercovitch
Sabrina Bercovitch

Hi, I'm Sabrina, a West Island (WI) Parent Connector and mom of three children (8 ½, 5 and 3). I'm excited to meet and offer a variety of programs for toddlers, young children and parents living in the WI. If you're looking to meet other young Jewish families near you, let's connect!

Favourite family weekend activity: Swimming, skiing, family BBQs and playdates with friends.

Favourite Jewish holiday or tradition: Chanukah; the food and festivities are so much fun!

About Me: I am a proud and passionate Jewish communal professional and volunteer who has worked in many facets of the organized Jewish community. My husband and I both grew up in the West Island and knew it was where we wanted to raise our children. When I'm not in a committee meeting or planning my next program, you can find me trying new recipes, at the gym or coaching my clients towards better health. As the mother of neuro diverse children, I will be working to create fun and innovative programming for families of children in similar situations. I am so excited to be able to bring together young Jewish families for activities that are fun for our family too!

Elena Boguslavsky
Elena Boguslavsky

Hi, I'm Elena, a Russian, Hebrew and English speaking Parent Connector living in Vaudreuil-Dorion. I have two daughters, ages 9 and 2 years old. I'm excited to connect with families living in, around and west of the West Island, and to plan programs that integrate the Russian-speaking Jewish community into the rest of the Jewish community.

Favourite family weekend activity: Traveling and getting together with friends.

Favourite Jewish holiday or tradition: Purim and Chanukah, because they are fun for the whole family!

About Me: I'm originally from the Ukraine but I grew up in Israel. My family immigrated to Canada about 20 years ago, where I met my husband of 9 years and built my family and home. I work as a Project Manager in a software retail company and I'm very involved in the life of the RSJ. I can't wait to continue working to integrate the Russian Jewish community, especially Russian Jewish children from non-Jewish schools, into the rest of the Jewish community of the West Island and Montreal, as a Parent Connector! 

Rachel Feldman
Rachel Feldman

Hi, I'm Rachel, mom of 5 beautiful children, including triplets! I love coming up with creative and fun ways of celebrating Jewish holidays and Shabbat with my family. I believe that part of my job as a Jewish mom is to pass on the fun and enjoyment of our traditions. I'm excited to meet families living in the City of Montreal who are looking to connect, and to give back to PJ Library and the Montreal Jewish Community!

Favourite family weekend activity:  Doing anything active! We love swimming, boating and hiking in the Laurentians during the warmer months, and ice skating and skiing when Montreal is knee-deep in snow!

Favourite Jewish holiday or tradition: There are so many, it's so hard to choose just one! I love our children's curiosity and answering their questions, and I love that when one holiday finishes, there is always another to look forward to! Not to mention all of the Shabbats in between.

About Me: I grew up in Australia and came to Montreal 11 years ago when I met my husband. It was definitely not easy to transition from the sunny beaches of Sydney to the snowy mountains of Montreal, but I am still loving it! My family and I have been involved with events at the Jewish Public Library and at the Y Synagogue. To learn more about my family, check out this article in 'People'.

This program is made possible through a grant from PJ Library, a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, in partnership with Montreal's Passport to Jewish Life funders group.

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