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GenMTL Connectors represent a cross section of our eclectic community with diverse interests and Jewish entry points. All Connectors benefit from the services provided by GenMTL and will receive support and training to ensure success in their efforts.

The GenMTL Connectors Engagement program will run from September 2019-April 2020. You must be available for the entire period. The commitment will be approx. 5 hours per week.

The program will be divided into four components:

  1. Professional and personal development: As part of your commitment to the program, you will be required to attend monthly, sometimes bi-monthly sessions with the rest of the connectors group. You will receive hands on personal and professional development that will help you do your job and will in turn provide general personal growth. In addition you will have bi-weekly supervision meetings with the internship supervisor, and will be required to attend a full day of training at the beginning of the year.
  2. Engagement: Every Connector will be required to have at least 25 coffee talks with new unengaged students, and you will be required to track this data through our system, for which you will receive training.
  3. Program and event attendance and promotion: You will be required to attend certain Hillel events throughout the year and help with promotion of events.
  4. Event planning: Connectors will be expected to help coordinate and run at least one event per semester.

Payment: Connectors will receive a stipend, to be paid out at the end of each semester. Payment will be dependent upon the fulfillment of responsibilities.  Attendance is mandatory throughout the duration of the program. Dropping out of the fellowship or failure to comply with the rules will result in a dock in pay or a forfeited stipend as per the discretion of one's supervisor.

Application deadline is September 6, 2019.

* The following are positions available for the 2019-2020 academic year. Please select which position you would be interested in (you can select more than one)
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