Mental Health and Isolation Reduction Grant
Federation CJA, in partnership with the Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal, is inviting applications for grant funding for Mental Health and Isolation Reduction programs due to COVID-19.  These grants will be for innovative programs and projects related to relieving mental health challenges and social isolation due to COVID-19.

Deadline to apply is December 9, 2020. 

* 1 - Name of the Organization:

* 2 - Charitable Registration Number:

3 - Contact information:
* First Name
* Last Name
* E-mail
* Cellphone

* 4 - Please provide a description of your program’s activities.

* 5 - Please describe who your target population is for this program.

* 6 - Please describe the outcomes your program intends to bring about in the population you serve:

* 7 - How do you plan to evaluate this program? How will you track, measure and monitor the outputs and outcomes that are linked to your program?

* 8 - What inputs (i.e. resources) will be committed to the program to bring about intended outputs, outcomes, and impact?

* 9 - Are you collaborating with another organization or institution to fill your member/community needs? (ie: Ometz, Cummings Centre, MADA, etc.)

* 10 - Please specify the area/borough where you are providing your services. Check all that apply:

* 11 - Please specify the requested amount for this grant and describe how the funds will be used
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