Jewish Day Camp Relief Grant Application

The universal cancellations of summer trips, day camps, and overnight camps due to COVID-19 have unfortunately disrupted the summer plans of many Jewish children. The Jewish Community Foundation and Federation CJA in partnership are pleased to be launching Jewish Day Camp Relief Grants, which will provide funding for summer programs that provide accessible alternative sources of Jewish content for Montreal Jewish children who are now without summer engagements or social stimuli.

The goal of this form is to assess your eligibility for a Jewish Day Camp Relief Grants. In order to be considered for funding, please submit this application form by Friday July 10th, 2020.

For the full application guidelines and criteria
, click here.

* 1 - Name of Program Provider (organization):
* 2 - Contact Information of primary Program Organizer:
* First Name
* Last Name
* Position
* E-mail
* Phone
* Short personal bio:
* 3 - Program Title:
* 4 - Please describe the program you are offering:
* 5 - Please explain the objectives and goals of the program you are offering:
* 6 - Program Structure:
* a. For how many weeks do you plan to provide this program?
1 week 2 weeks 
3 weeks 4 weeks 
5 weeks 6 weeks 
7 weeks 8 weeks 
* b. How many hours a week does this program occupy:
30-40 hours / week 
20-30 hours / week 
10-20 hours / week 
0-10 hours / week  
* c. This program takes place (check all that apply):
* d. How many children is this program able to accommodate?
* Please explain this number and how it is broken down (adult to child ratio):
* e. Programming includes (Check all that apply)
* f. What is the weekly cost per child for attending this program:$
* 7 - How do you intend to recruit children for your program? Has this process already begun?
* 8 - Please describe the phase of development at which your program is at.
* a. When do you plan to launch your program?
* b. Have you publicized any marketing materials?
* c. What ‘systems’ do you currently have in place to ensure success? (check all that apply )
* 9 - Describe the Jewish content being incorporated into the program you are offering
* 10 - What tools/resources will you utilize to infuse Jewish content to your program? (ie: Jewish educator, resources on website/database, specific books, etc.).
* 11 - Target Populations:
* a. What age level is this program appropriate for? (check all that apply)
* b. Does the program serve residents of a specific geographic neighborhood?
* c. Does the program serve any of the following groups?
Children from multi-faith families, Children with disabilities, Russian speaking Jews, Newly arrived families, Single Parent homes, Children from low socio-economic background
* 12 - How does this program align with the government COVID-19 restrictions currently in effect, and how are you positioned to adapt if these restrictions change?
* 13 - Do you plan to collaborate with other organizations, programs, or groups?
* 14 - Does your organization have experience working with children in either a formal or informal setting?
* 15 - What precautions will you be exercising to ensure the safety and security of children in your care?
* 16 - Please itemize your anticipated sources of revenue for this program:
* b. Grants / Subsidies:$
* a. Participation fees: $
* c. Other$
Please specify
Total revenue:$
* 17 - Please itemize your anticipated expenses for running this program:
* a. Supplies$
* b. Salaries:$
* c. Rent:$
* d. Other$
Please specify
Total expenses$
* 18 - Funding request:
Upto a maximum of $10,000
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