We are coordinating our efforts to support individuals and families who are experiencing increased hardship due to the spread of coronavirus—but we can only do that with the generous help from our community and people like you. Federation CJA is asking you to help in whatever way you can. 

PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING FORM to tell us how you would like to help as we all work together to do what's best for our neighbors and friends. In addition to the specific options we have listed below, financial support is always welcome, so please feel free to donate here.


I would like to help with...
Volunteer Activities
*The health and safety of our volunteers is our number one priority. Gloves and masks will be provided and volunteers will work in safe environments where social distancing measures will be adhered to at all times.
* I am available on the following days / dates
Time of the day
* Do you have a car?
To what neighborhoods can you make the deliveries?


* First Name
* Last Name
* Mobile phone
* E-mail
I, the undersigned agree that during my time as a volunteer with Federation CJA and after, to hold in confidence all information relating to the affairs of Federation CJA, it’s agencies, other organizations and of any client or individual with whom Federation CJA has dealings, in which confidential information was observed, communicated, derived or otherwise obtained by the volunteer in any form, whether written, verbal, computer-generated or otherwise, during or as a result of my volunteer work. This includes all personal and identifying information relating to any individual with whom I come into contact during my volunteer work.

I also acknowledge that my participation to volunteer for Federation CJA, it’s agencies and other organizations, is voluntary and at my own risk. I affirm that I am physically healthy, exhibiting no symptoms of cough or fever, and have not returned from abroad in the past 14 days. I affirm that I have not attended a large gathering, including but not limited to a wedding or other social or religious gatherings in the last 14 days. I affirm that I have adhered to all social distancing policies as set by the Federal and Provincial governments and am able to volunteer my services.

If at any time my health condition changes, I will inform Federation CJA immediately and cease my volunteer responsibilities.
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