Federation CJA 360 - May 28, 2021

Our 360 this week includes an opportunity from CIJA to take concrete action and fight antisemitism. Plus, the Quebec National Assembly's unprecedented unanimous condemnation of the antisemitic incidents targeting our community; Jewish organizations react favourably to US President Joe Biden denouncing a series of attacks on American Jews in recent weeks; reflections from Todd Sone, a Canadian-Israeli who moved to Israel six years ago; fake online accounts and extreme content that fueled recent fear and hatred in Israel and abroad exposed; a look at Operation Solomon thirty years after the rescue of the Jews of Ethiopia; and remembering the Farhud pogrom on its 80th anniversary. Shabbat Shalom!

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Shabbat Candlelight
May 28 | 8:14 PM

Rabbi Sacks z''l had prepared a full year of Covenant & Conversation for 5781, based on his book Lessons in Leadership. Click here to read this week's essay: "Power or Influence?" (Beha' alotecha 5781).

Fight Antisemitism: Tell the Government of Canada: Convene an emergency summit on antisemitism

We are experiencing an alarming spike in antisemitism in Canada. If you don't act, who will? Take concrete action here!

Source: CIJA

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Community Update: Fighting for Israel and our community

We will continue to press for action against hate and raise our voices together against antisemitism.

Source: Federation CJA

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Quebec National Assembly condemns the antisemitic incidents targeting our community

Over the course of the past two weeks a growing number of politicians have responded to Federation CJA and CIJA's call and denounced the recent wave of attacks against our community for what it is: antisemitism.

Source: Federation CJA

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Make your gift now to Federation CJA's Community Recovery and Resilience Campaign.

Our community is in crisis and the stakes could not be higher.
To make your gift, click here – we need you!

Source: Federation CJA

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Editorial: Political expression is OK, hate and threats are not

Some local incidents have left many in the Montreal Jewish community understandably rattled, even if risk of physical attacks is deemed low.

Source: Montreal Gazette

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After a plea to combat antisemitism, the White House convened a meeting with Jewish leaders

Jewish organizations welcomed US President Joe Biden's tweet Monday morning denouncing a series of attacks on American Jews in recent weeks as "despicable," and met with White House officials Monday afternoon to convey their concerns and give guidance.

Source: Jewish Telegraphic Agency

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Reflections from my safe room

As a Canadian who moved to Israel six years ago, Todd Sone has had a second-row seat to the recent round of fighting between Hamas and Israel.

Source: Times of Israel

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With Israel and Hamas at war, algorithms and fake accounts fueled #hatred online

Researchers expose fake accounts and extreme content that fanned the flames of outrage, fear and hatred in Israel and abroad.

Source: Times of Israel

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Operation Solomon: Thirty years since the rescue of the Jews of Ethiopia

In 1989, after 16 years of separation, diplomatic ties between Israel and Ethiopia were renewed and the Ethiopian government allowed several hundred Jews to immigrate to Israel each month.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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Remembering the Farhud pogrom and its lessons for today

One of the most important elements to this is how best to understand and then combat hate, incitement, and violence between communities.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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Source: Shalom Hartman Institute

Hartman Summer: A Torah of Possibility

This summer, explore what a Jewish future could look like.

As we navigate the uncertain days ahead, this summer the Shalom Hartman Institute invites you over two weeks from Monday, July 5 – Thursday, July 15 to their virtual symposium featuring public lectures, deep conversations, study seminars, and intimate learning opportunities exploring what could be.

Sessions will feature dozens of top Hartman scholars, faculty, and guest experts such as Donniel Hartman, Yehuda Kurtzer, Orit Avnery, Lauren Berkun, Mijal Bitton, Micah Goodman, Yossi Klein Halevi, Rachel Korazim, Channa Pinchasi,and Elana Stein Hain.

Register now and be a part of this major Hartman summer learning opportunity from July 5-15, 2021, available online for all and free of charge.


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Commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of the Farhud
Harif & the Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue of Montreal & The Community of Babylon Iraqi Jews of Montreal
Time: Sunday, May 30 | 12:00 PM

PJ Library Shabbat Mobile
PJ Library & GenMTL
Time: Friday, June 11 – Friday, August 20


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