Federation CJA 360 - May 21, 2021

Our 360 this week includes the announcement of a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas after 11 days of fighting. Plus, Federation CJA's community update in light of the growing number of antisemitic incidents occurring in Montreal; a look at how Montreal Police are responding to threats in communities with sizeable Jewish populations; a statement from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressing concern over antisemitic incidents in Montreal and elsewhere in Canada; a press release from CIJA and Federation CJA condemning the recent antisemitic incidents; a helpful infographic from Federation CJA with actions you can take in response to experiencing antisemitism and hate—both on and offline; a first-hand account from a pro-Israel rally attendee and Jewish Montrealer Megan Goldwax; an opinion piece from Times of Israel writer Blake Ezra; a look at how Israel's Iron Dome works to block thousands of incoming rockets; and a recording of Generations United for Israel, where almost 1,000 people from across Canada came together in solidarity and prayer for our brothers and sisters in Israel. Shabbat Shalom!

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Shabbat Candlelight
May 21 | 8:07 PM

Rabbi Sacks z''l had prepared a full year of Covenant & Conversation for 5781, based on his book Lessons in Leadership. Click here to read this week's essay: "The Politics of Envy" (Naso 5781).

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Source: Federation CJA

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Israel and Hamas agree on Gaza ceasefire to end 11 days of fighting

A statement from the Prime Minister's Office said that the security cabinet had "unanimously accepted the recommendation of all security officials, the IDF chief of staff, the head of the Shin Bet, the head of the Mossad and the head of the National Security Council, to accept the Egyptian initiative for a bilateral ceasefire without any conditions, which will take effect later."

Source: Times of Israel

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Your safety is paramount: Federation CJA Community Update

We are here to ensure that every member of our community can confidently live their lives safely.

Source: Federation CJA

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Threats to Montreal's Jewish community being taken "extremely seriously"

Police have put in place a response plan in communities with sizeable Jewish populations.

Source: Montreal Gazette

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Trudeau expresses concern over antisemitic incidents in Montreal, elsewhere in Canada

The statement comes a day after local Liberal MP Anthony Housefather posted a video on his Facebook page describing the incidents as "appalling", adding that "…the level of hate that has been created because of events in the Middle East is something that we cannot tolerate in Canada."

Source: Montreal Gazette

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Press Release: Montreal Jewish Community Alarmed by Spike in Antisemitic Incidents

Federation CJA and CIJA have witnessed an alarming number of provocative incidents targeting Jewish Montrealers and are in close contact with law enforcement, who have made arrests and are investigating a number of these incidents as hate crimes.

Source: CIJA

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Experiencing or witnessing antisemitism? Here are some actions you can take

Every one of us can take meaningful actions in response to the antisemitism we have seen over this past week. Click here for Federation CJA's helpful infographic with some actions you can take.

Source: Federation CJA

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CIJA's Guide to Reporting Antisemitism on Social Media

Click here for CIJA's step-by-step guide on how to report antisemitism on various widely used social media platforms.

Source: CIJA

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De l'antisémitisme importé à Montréal

Nous sommes ici devant un antisémitisme importé, comme on le voit en Europe, où les Juifs sont de plus en plus persécutés dans certains quartiers « diversifiés ».  

Source: Journal de Montreal

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"The fear I felt was something I'll never forget:" pro-Israel rally attendee

Jewish Montrealer Megan Goldwax attended Sunday's pro-Israel downtown rally and feared for her safety as she and other peaceful attendees were attacked by pro-Palestinian rioters.

Source: The Suburban

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I'm Fed Up

Click here to read an opinion piece from Blake Ezra, a writer on Middle Eastern Politics and the Jewish World. "…if it makes ONE person think twice the next time their favourite celebrity demonizes Israel, it will have been worthwhile."

Source: The Times of Israel

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Israel's Iron Dome has blocked thousands of incoming rockets. Here's how it works.

Thousands of rockets have been fired by Hamas from Gaza into southern and central Israel, targeting both Israeli population centers and border villages. Approximately 90% of those Hamas rockets have been intercepted by Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system, according to Israeli officials.

Source: CBS News

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Source: CIJA

Generations United for Israel: A Prayer Rally for Israel

Almost 1,000 people came together today in solidarity at Generations United for Israel. Jewish students and Holocaust Survivors from across Canada led us in prayer for our Israeli brothers and sisters under attack. Click here to watch the recording.

Visit https://www.cija.ca/israelunderfire/ to learn more about the conflict and to find out how you can take action.


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