Federation CJA 360 - May 14, 2021

Our 360 this week includes coverage of the ongoing attacks in Israel. Plus, CIJA's call for the Government of Canada to condemn Hamas terror; Federation CJA CEO Yair Szlak's update to our community and expression of support and unity for the people of Israel as well as a Shavuot message of solidarity, hope, and strength; the story a Brazilian Jew who joined the Israeli navy as a lone soldier; tales of Yiddish and Jewish culture as part of the fabric of Montreal over the years; a look at the secret US unit bolstered by German-born Jews that helped the Allies beat Hitler; William & Ella's Storytime initiative dedicated to children in hospital or with long-term care needs; and a Holocaust survivor's easy recipe for blintzes to enjoy on Shavuot and all year long. Shabbat Shalom and Chag Shavuot Sameach!

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GESHER – THE BRIDGE: Have you been impacted by COVID-19? The goal of Gesher is to help families and individuals withstand this financial crisis, ensuring that the impact is temporary and that community members do not withdraw from participating in Jewish life. To initiate Gesher assistance, please click here to fill out a short online form.

Vaccination Registration for Snowbirds: The Government of Quebec has asked that snowbirds and others who have been vaccinated outside Quebec register the details of their vaccination in the records of our healthcare system. Residents of our CIUSSS who have received one or both doses should bring proof of vaccination to the vaccination site at the MIL campus of Université de Montréal, 1375 Thérèse-Lavoie-Roux Avenue. The site is open every day from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Shabbat Candlelight
May 14 | 7:59 PM

Rabbi Sacks z''l had prepared a full year of Covenant & Conversation for 5781, based on his book Lessons in Leadership. Click here to read this week's essay: "Leading a Nation of Individuals" (Bamidbar 5781).

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Source: Federation CJA

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Israel, Hamas and our vicious internal rupture: An attempt at moral clarity

"We're deep in two wars—against a cynical terror-state next door and an explosion of murderous intolerance within. No country can tolerate the former, or function amid the latter."

Source: Times of Israel

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CIJA: The Government of Canada Must Condemn Hamas Terror

The Canadian government must take a strong, principled position, condemn Hamas for launching missiles at Israeli civilians, and acknowledge that Israel has the right and obligation to defend its citizens from terror.

Source: CIJA

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From the Desk of Yair Szlak: Montreal Stands with Israel

We are devastated by the innocent lives lost. The images, videos, and stories of terrified individuals and families facing the attacks and the reports of the many injured—including young children and the elderly—unable to reach shelter on time are heartbreaking. We extend our prayers for a speedy recovery—refuah shlema—and offer our condolences for all lives lost.

We don't know what's going to happen an hour from now, let alone tomorrow. We do know that we stand united in strength with the people in Israel.

Source: Federation CJA

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Chag Shavuot Sameach From Federation CJA

This Shavuot, our thoughts and prayers remain with the people of Israel.

Source: Federation CJA

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He left Brazil to become a lone soldier in Israel. Then he lost both his parents to COVID.

Months after his first day in the Israeli military, both his parents were dead. "My main goal is to honor my parents," says Thiago Benzecry.

Source: Jewish Telegraphic Agency

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Jewish Neighborhoods: Stories of Jewish Life in Montreal

Many prominent Yiddish writers, artists, and intellectuals made their homes in Montreal and were central to shaping its cultural institutions. Click here to watch stories of Jewish life in Montreal, from the Yiddish Book Center's Wexler Oral History Project Collection.

Source: Yiddish Book Center

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Ritchie Boys: The secret US unit bolstered by German-born Jews that helped the Allies beat Hitler

The Ritchie Boys were responsible for uncovering more than half the combat intelligence on the Western Front during World War II. For the many German-born Jews in their ranks, defeating the Nazis was heartbreakingly personal.

Source: CBS News

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Reading is fun(damental): How two second-graders started a Zoom book club

Through their Zoom book club, William & Ella's Storytime, a for-kids-by-kids initiative dedicated to children in hospital or with long-term care needs, William and Ella aim to bring focus to the healing benefits of storytime and connection through a love of reading. The bilingual website features two new storytime videos each month for all to enjoy!

Source: CTV News

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This blintz recipe survived the Holocaust

This perfect Shavuot dairy dish is so much more than a delicious dessert.

Source: The Nosher

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Source: Federation CJA

It's Canadian Jewish Heritage Month! Stay tuned on Federation CJA's social channels over the month of May to hear about Jewish Quebecers who have had a profound influence on our society. Click here to visit our Juifs d'Ici website to discover our shared heritage with over 100 portraits of Jewish Quebecers who have made an impact.


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Behind the Scenes with PJ Library Book Selection Committee
PJ Library
Time: Tuesday, May 25 | 12:00 PM

A Claims Conference Town Hall on Additional Eligibilities for Holocaust Survivors
Cummings Centre
Time: Wednesday, May 26 | 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM


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