Federation CJA 360 - April 23, 2021

Our 360 this week includes an opportunity to show your support this Tuesday at the Justice for Sarah Halimi - Virtual Solidarity Rally held by Federation CJA, the CSUQ, and CIJA. Plus, CIJA's response to the Quebec Court's decision to uphold controversial Bill 21; a look at the unique Taste of Memories project to honour the memory of 25 of Israel's fallen soldiers and victims of terror; a short video thanking our volunteers in celebration of National Volunteer Week; the unveiling of a monument in Warsaw marking a secret Holocaust archive; a quick way to discover your Jewish roots using your last name; a beautiful baby book written by a local Holocaust survivor and her son; and an easy weeknight recipe for the underrated haluski—fried cabbage and noodles. Lag B'Omer sameach and Shabbat Shalom!

HELPLINE: If you, or anyone you know is struggling at this critical time, please call 514-734-1411 or email [email protected].

GESHER – THE BRIDGE: Have you been impacted by COVID-19? The goal of Gesher is to help families and individuals withstand this financial crisis, ensuring that the impact is temporary and that community members do not withdraw from participating in Jewish life. To initiate Gesher assistance, please click here to fill out a short online form.

Shabbat Candlelight
April 23 | 7:33 PM

Rabbi Sacks z''l had prepared a full year of Covenant & Conversation for 5781, based on his book Lessons in Leadership. Click here to read this week's essay: "Sprints and Marathons" (Acharei Mot-Kedoshim 5781).

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Source: Federation CJA

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Justice for Sarah Halimi - Virtual Solidarity Rally - Show your support on Tuesday, April 27 at 11 AM EST

Last week, the family of Sarah Halimi was dealt a devastating blow. In an unfathomable decision, France's Court of Cassation ruled that the depraved and antisemitic murderer responsible for her death will never face justice. Why? Because he was too high on marijuana at the time of her murder. 

CIJA, the CSUQ, and Federation CJA will be holding a Virtual Solidarity Rally (following COVID-19 protocol) in support of justice for the Halimi family on Tuesday, April 27 at 11 AM EST.

Click here to register.

Source: CIJA, CSUQ, Federation CJA

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CIJA disappointed with Quebec Court's decision to uphold Bill 21

In response to Quebec's Superior Court's decision to uphold Quebec's controversial Bill 21: An Act Respecting the Laicity of the State, CIJA's Quebec Vice President, Eta Yudin, issued the following:

"CIJA is deeply disappointed by today's Quebec Superior Court decision to uphold provisions of Bill 21 that severely restrict religious freedom and the ability of Jewish Quebecers and other faith-based communities to freely pursue careers in the public sector."

Source: CIJA

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"Taste of Memories" project honours the memory of 25 of Israel's fallen soldiers and victims of terror in a unique way—by making their favourite foods

To commemorate Yom HaZikaron, Federation CJA, GenMTL, and Federation CJA Israel Engagement launched the "Taste of Memories" project. Over 500 people took part in this meaningful project, sharing the names of a soldier or victim of terror along with photos of the recipe they cooked in their honour. Click here to see some of the recipes and photos behind the names we remember and honour!

Source: Federation CJA, GenMTL, Federation CJA Israel Engagement

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Federation CJA made a video for YOU! A video about what you've done for our community in honour of a very important event in our calendar: National Volunteer Week.

It is a privilege and an honour to thank all of you this week — the very people who make up the heart and soul of our community. This past year, while our community suffered, you changed more lives than you know. You made sure that no one was left behind. So today, and every day, we want you to know how much of a difference you make in our community. Thank you, merci, todah, gracias, spasiba!

Click here to watch the video!

Source: Federation CJA

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Warsaw unveils monument to secret archive documenting Holocaust horror

A group of Jewish organizations has unveiled a monument marking the area where a group of Jewish writers and activists buried an archive of material documenting their Holocaust experiences. Reports, diaries, posters, drawings and even candy wrappers—documenting the horrid conditions in the ghetto and hid underground in metal boxes and milk cans—have been found.

Source: The Jerusalem Post

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Is your name on this list? Your Jewish roots might be in Cairo, Baghdad or nearby!

Check out this simple searchable database of Jewish last names from Cairo, Baghdad, Damascus, and Alexandria to learn about your family's past.

Source: Jewish Telegraphic Agency

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Jewish Montrealer Jacques Shore co-writes a beautiful baby book with his mother—a Holocaust survivor

The book is based upon a lullaby, which Shore's late mother, Dr. Lena Allen-Shore, composed for him when he was born. "When she was 96 years old, my mother, who gave so much to others through her teachings, philosophy, music, and poetry, was in failing physical health. She asked, 'What more can I do? What more can I write for others? I am not ready to go without one more book.'"

Source: The Suburban

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Try this recipe for haluski: Fried cabbage and noodles

Click here for a recipe for one of the most underrated Jewish foods: haluski. An easy weeknight meal!

Source: The Nosher

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Source: Cummings Centre

Assisted Transportation and Accompaniment Service (ATASE)

Need transportation to your medical appointments?
The Cummings Centre offers trusted Assisted Transportation and Accompaniment Service (ATASE*) drivers to accompany you to, during, and from medical appointments.

Fees are based on a sliding scale.

For more information, call 514.343.3514 or send an email to [email protected]

*The ATASE program follows COVID-19 public health protocols. Drivers and passengers are required to wear masks.


Source: Federation CJA, BJEC

COVID-19 Grief and Recovery Support Group

Have you lost a loved one due to COVID-19? Ometz is here to help with a new, free COVID-19 bereavement support group.

What: 4 Session Virtual Workshop with Corrie Sirota, M.SW., P.S.W.
Who: Any adult who is grieving the death of a loved one as a result of COVID-19
Why: To offer support and guidance
When: May 5, 12, 19 and 26, 2021 | 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Topics include:

  • What are normal grief reactions?
  • Interventions & coping skills
  • Navigating triggers
  • Secondary losses

Space is limited. Click here to register.


To see not only all Federation CJA events, but virtual events being run by our agencies and community partners, please visit our Community Calendar.

Build Your Own Rocketship
PJ Library
Time: Sunday, April 25 | 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

The Light of Days with Judy Batalion
Jewish Public Library
Time: Monday, April 26 | 7:30 PM

Building an LGBTQ+ affirming community. Starting from the inside, out
Time: Monday, April 26 | 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Women in Business Series: Creating Purposeful Connections
Time: Tuesday, April 27 | 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Chefs R Us – Shavuot
PJ Library
Time: Sunday, May 2 | 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM [children ages 6 and under] | 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM [children ages 7 and up]


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