Federation CJA 360 - April 12 2019
Meet the people behind some of Instagram’s most prominent Jewish foodie accounts, find out their secrets and get tips for entering the trade.
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This week, Benjamin Netanyahu likely won his fifth term as Prime Minister of Israel, and Israel’s spacecraft Beresheet crashed during its much-anticipated moon landing. Read our 360 for these top stories as well as a guide to the top Jewish foodie influencers on Instagram and more. Shabbat Shalom!

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Shabbat Candlelight
April 12 | 7:19 PM

Nine takeaways from Israel’s historic election
Benjamin Netanyahu is positioned to become the longest-serving prime minister in Israel’s history, but the results also brought some surprises.

Article Source: Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Image source: Jerusalem Post

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Jewish organization distances itself from imam behind Bill 21 protest
Federation CJA’s advocacy arm, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), does not want to be associated with Adil Charkaoui — and it is not alone.

Source: Montreal Gazette

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Israel's Beresheet spacecraft crashes into moon during landing attempt
Beresheet took a selfie 22 km from the moon’s surface shortly before crashing on Thursday; it was a bittersweet ending to Israel’s bid to become the fourth country to land a spacecraft on the moon.

Article Source: Space.com

Image Source: Jewish Telegraphic Agency


Syrian white helmets visit the Montreal Holocaust Museum (MHM) [article in French]
“The courage and resilience of the Jewish people during the darkest hours of the Second World War are clear evidence that human dignity and justice always ends up triumphing over the barbarism of dictatorships,” said one of the seven members of the Syrian civil defense organization in response to the tour at the MGM, an affiliated agency of Federation CJA.

Source: Canadian Jewish News

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Source: Federation CJA

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Inside the world of Jewish food influencers
Meet the people behind some of Instagram’s most prominent Jewish foodie accounts, find out their secrets and get tips for entering the trade.

Source: Canadian Jewish News

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ADL, Simon Weisenthal Center applaud Airbnb decision not to delist West Bank
Airbnb announced on Tuesday that it would rescind its decision to remove ads of Jewish homeowners in Judea and Samaria following a settlement of a Shurat Hadin lawsuit.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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The secret Jewish history of Dumbo
Helen Aberson, a Jewish American writer, penned the children’s book about being physically different from others just as Fascism was taking over Europe, accompanied by lethal caricatures of Jews; a remake of the Disney movie was just released.

Article Source: Forward

Image Source: IMDB

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The best use of “Mazel Tov” in song lyrics, ranked
From “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” to Drake to Justin Bieber, sample the best and worst ways the classic Jewish kudos has made its way into pop culture.

Source: Hey Alma

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Source: Federation CJA

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