Why Jewish Overnight Summer Camp?

Why camp?

Summer overnight camp is about so much more than campfires and colour war. At camp, kids get the chance to explore who they are—and who they want to become—in an active, inspiring, fun-filled environment. (Marshmallows included.)

What is Jewish camp?

Jewish camp is more than just camp with Jewish kids. At Jewish camp, ruach (spirit) is part of every activity—from dancing to hitting a home run—allowing campers to explore their connection to Judaism in a meaningful way while having the summer of their lives. For example:

Songs and activities are often tied to intrinsic Jewish values like community, kindness, and an appreciation for giving back.    

Colour war is more than just “red versus blue.” Teams may be based on Jewish historical leaders or places in Israel.

Why Jewish camp?

For your child, Jewish camp is just plain fun. But it’s also much more than that—it’s camp with a soul. 

Camp is exciting! Your kids will have the summer of their lives while celebrating the values of independence, friendship, community, fairness, diversity, giving back, inclusion, and heritage. 

Jewish camp is packed with action: boating, basketball, filmmaking, rock climbing, cooking, archery, painting, drama, dance—you name it!

Camp promotes your child’s individual growth in an enriching Jewish environment. For example:

Jewish education at camp is fun, meaningful, and engaging.

Camp learning is effective because campers don’t feel like they’re being taught. 

The impact of Jewish overnight camp is immediate and lasting.

At camp, kids hang out with cool, Jewish role models. Staff members inspire confidence and independence, guiding your child to hone their skills, build self-esteem, and discover interests and talents they never knew they had.

Studies show that children who go to Jewish camp are more likely to become adults who value their heritage, are engaged in their communities, support more causes, and take on leadership roles throughout their lives.