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Campbell Brown

Emmy award-winning journalist Campbell Brown is a veteran broadcaster recognized for her coverage of Hurricane Katrina, the last three presidential elections, the White House, and for her numerous trips to Iraq during the height of the war. She has written for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Beast, and Slate.

Through her writing and reporting on education issues, Brown became a passionate advocate for school choice and education reform. She is the co-founder of the Parents’ Transparency Project, a non-profit watchdog group that seeks information and accountability from the teachers’ unions and the Department of Education on actions impacting children in schools. Brown serves on the boards of Success Academies, a New York City charter school network, Turnaround, a non-profit addressing the emotional effects of poverty on a child’s learning environment, and the Jewish Community Project, a preschool and community center in Lower Manhattan. In June 2014, Brown launched Partnership for Educational Justice, an organization that aims to assist New York families file lawsuits that challenge teacher tenure within the state. The overall mission of the organization is to bring about better education policies that will give students the opportunity to attend great schools.


From the podium Campbell Brown shares her heart-warming and often hilarious story of finding love in Iraq – converting to Judaism>– and forever trying to win over her disapproving mother-in-law. Her experiences in news and journalism provide the backdrop but her focus is on the her attempts to raise two children in a traditional Jewish family while trying to “have it all” professionally; her struggle to understand her mother-in-law and how they developed a true bond when Campbell Brown discovered the secrets of a child- hood spent on the run from the Nazis. Her story will inspire you, and make you both laugh and cry.


Formerly with CNN, her prime-time program Campbell Brown became the only non-partisan cable news at 8:00 p.m. Prior to CNN, she was with NBC News for 11 years, where she served as co-anchor of NBC’s Today Weekend Edition, the nation’s top rated weekend news program. She also served as the main substitute anchor for Brian Williams and a primary correspondent for NBC Nightly News and the weekday Today Show. For the network, she covered every major news event – from Rome on the death of Pope John Paul II; from Gaza and the West Bank to report on violence in the Middle East; and closer to home – the recount of the 2000 election results and the aftermath of 9-11 and political and national security debates that followed.

Dan Senor and Campbell Brown met in Baghdad shortly after the start of the Iraqi War – with Senor serving as the Bush Administration’s Chief Spokesman in Baghdad (and Senior Advisor to Presidential Envoy L. Paul Bremer), and Brown in her role as the co-anchor of NBC’s Today Weekend Edition and primary correspondent for NBC Nightly News.

Brown started her career in local news as the political reporter covering Kansas politics for KSNT-TV, the NBC affiliate in Topeka, Kan. She then moved to WWBT-TV, the NBC affiliate in Richmond, VA. She also reported for WBAL-TV in Baltimore, Md. and WRC-TV in Washington, D.C. before joining the network.

Brown grew up in Louisiana, and graduated from Regis College in Denver, Colorado with a B.A. in Political Science. After graduation, she spent a year teaching English in the former Czechoslovakia.

She lives in New York City with her husband, Dan Senor, and two children.