Brick by Brick

Help lay the foundation of the future of our community.

With your gift to the Community Recovery and Resilience Campaign, you will be honoured with a brick personalized with your or someone special’s name, on display as part of an art installation.

WHAT DO YOU CARE ABOUT? Have it reflected in the colour of your brick:

RED – Social services for the vulnerable: Holocaust survivors and thoseliving below the poverty line before the COVID-19 pandemic.
This also includes inclusion programming for those with disabilities and their families.

GREEN  – The newly vulnerable: Relief for temporarily vulnerable community members who are struggling due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

YELLOW  – Informal/experiential Jewish education programs: Jewish summer camp, Hillel Montreal, Birthright and March of the Living.

PURPLE  – Formal Jewish education/Jewish Day Schools: Including tuition assistance, and the Bronfman Jewish Education  Centre (BJEC).

BLUE – The collective gift: supporting all of the above, which are part of Federation CJA’s core priorities

  • Caring for the vulnerable
  • Strengthening Jewish life
  • Continuity, advancing communal interests
  • Supporting Israel and our global Jewish responsibility
Choose your Brick
* Brick Colour
RED - Social services for the vulnerable  
GREEN - The newly vulnerable 
YELLOW - Informal/experiential Jewish education programs  
PURPLE - Formal Jewish education/Jewish Day Schools 
BLUE - The collective gift; supporting all of the above 
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