Adrian BercoviciAdrian Bercovici

Anti-poverty advocate Adrian Bercovici is a recognized leader in charitable campaign planning and management and the Executive Director of Generations Foundation. Generations Foundation is a “hands-on” organization which ensures that 8,500 schoolchildren in 110 schools and learning centres are fed a variety of nourishing meals daily: healthy breakfast, hot lunch and snacks. Generations Foundation began operating out of Adrian’s home in 1999. It began with feeding the students of St. Gabriel School, in Point St. Charles, a hot meal at the request of the school principal. Now in its 20th years of operations, it has expanded to provide cooking classes, and bussing to events that enrich the children’s learning experiences.  Laptop computers are awarded to several students in six schools to facilitate research and homework. Children are sponsored to sleep-over summer camps to enrich activities based around nature and self-esteem.  Donated new toys are wrapped and personally named and distributed to the children for the holidays and food baskets are prepared and distributed as needed all year long. In addition to his important role at Generations Foundation, Adrian has also worked with Canadian National Railways and Old Brewery Mission.

"We must give every child the opportunity to have their basic needs met with encouragement so that they can focus on their education and future."



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