Centennial Celebrations 




Centennial Co-chairs: Gail Adelson and Jack HasenWe’re officially kicking off our year of celebrating Federation CJA and a century of tremendous impact within the organized Montreal Jewish community. This is an exciting milestone for us all – an opportunity to reflect with pride on the past and to dream for the future. We have lined up a variety of exciting initiatives and events throughout the year to celebrate our Centennial, sharing this important milestone with our community and all fellow Montrealers, Quebecers and Canadians!




Charles BronfmanI'm delighted to be the Honorary Chair for Federation CJA’s Centennial year. Through the generations, the Montreal Jewish community has been – and continues to be – one of the most inspiring, dedicated and connected communities in North America. We have so much to be proud of.

My father, the late Samuel Bronfman, C.C., was a long-time leader of our community. On his tombstone is written the following: "The vision of the early pioneer must be with us still, for where there is no vision the people perish”.

As we head into the next century, we have an opportunity now to ensure that we continue to carry forward the accomplishments and values that our predecessors instilled in us. I have every confidence that the Montreal community will fulfil the dreams of our forebears as we go forward proudly together.




Centennial Haggadah:
A Centennial-inspired community Haggadah, ready in time for Passover 2017, will be a must at everyone’s Seder table as well as a unique legacy piece. The Centennial Haggadah is uniquely tailored to the diverse Montreal Jewish community, and will be the first of its kind: filled with traditions, beautifully presented with art from local artists and translated into 3 languages – English, French and Hebrew, plus transliterated Hebrew. To pre-order your copy, visit federationcja.org/haggadah 
Chairs: Vanessa Fallenbaum, Stephanie Hutman, Lisa Steinberg

Virtual Community Museum:
Discover Federation CJA’s impressive 100 year history, as well as our contribution to the larger Quebec society over the last few centuries through over 100 individual portraits. Visit federationcja.org/100
Chairs: Debby Becker Newpol, Marc Gold, Paul Levine

Chagall Exhibit:
Federation CJA is proud to partner with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts as the Exhibition Patron of the Chagall : Colour and Music exhibit. Marc Chagall has been lauded internationally as one of the most significant artists of his generation. His Jewish roots – and the influence of Jewish culture and traditions – are proudly integrated into his art. The exhibit will run from January 28 to June 11, 2017, and we will be involved in various initiatives and programming in conjunction with this partnership.
Chairs: Gail Adelson, Jack Hasen

Montreal Mega Mission to Israel: 
The Centennial Edition of the Montreal Mega Mission taking place May 10-19 2017 will be an experience like no other: a journey from home to homeland to be shared with hundreds of community members.  Limited spaces still available.  To register, click here.
Chairs: Heather Adelson, Eva Derhy, Jeff Hart, Pascale Hasen, Howard Stotland

Centennial Marketing Campaign:
Distinct marketing initiatives will be featured throughout the year, each with a specific communications focus, including: A communications campaign to a broader audience highlighting the impact of Quebec’s Jews on our collective society over the last several centuries; as well as Federation CJA historical and impact-focused communications across multiple media and interactive channels.
Chairs: Mark Sherman

Centennial Community Outreach Grants:
Federation CJA will be allocating grants to Jewish community organizations marking the Centennial.  We are doing so by exploring new partnerships and collaborations, and solidifying Federation CJA’s central leadership role in Montreal Jewish community. To see the recipients, click here.
Chairs: David Assor, Brenda Gewurz

Mission to Montreal:
In June 2017, community members will be invited to see, feel and hear the impact of the collective gift. Join Federation CJA for a unique session to discover how our partner agencies and programs serve our community.
Chairs: Samantha Mintz Vineberg, Warren Werbitt

Expo GenMTL:
GenMTL, the young adult division of Federation CJA, will host a 100-hour (five day) happening  September 6-10, 2017, featuring a variety of renowned speakers, networking possibilities, foodie and business events plus the Centennial Promies awards and a huge closing gala. 
Chairs: Karen Aflalo, Albert Arazi, Avi Hasen

Volunteer Recognition
The launch of an ongoing, comprehensive volunteer recognition program that will celebrate long term commitment, lay leadership, community engagement, and public service milestones.
Chairs: Therese Attias, Lynn Etinson, Erica Isenberg

A social action program in the greater Montreal community that will have a variety of hands-on volunteer events and opportunities planned throughout the Centennial year.  Register now www.federationcja.org/TOV
Chairs: Celia Cohen, Naomi Mechaly, Jodi Tessler

Federation CJA’s Centennial AGM:
The 2017 Federation CJA Annual General Meeting on September 14, 2017 will showcase the 100 year history of the Federation, with notable Montrealers and dignitaries in attendance.

Centennial Closing:
Federation CJA’s Centennial year will be capped off on November 21, 2017 with celebratory pride at an event befitting the Montreal Jewish community’s storied history and century of impact.
Chairs: to be announced

Centennial Campaign:
The comprehensive $320 million Centennial Campaign is a bold, visionary initiative that will allow us to fund and endow our collective dreams for the future and ensure a sustainable and vibrant Jewish life in Montreal for the next 100 years. 
Chairs: Stephen Bronfman, Stephen Gross


When you pause and think about these last 100 years, to a time long before television, the internet and air travel united us, and imagine a community in 1917 of just over 30,000 Jews in Montreal, many of them having fled the pogroms in Russia, one thing stands out with significance: Our ancestors knew that “unity is strength”. In fact, this was the slogan of the very first fundraising campaign that began on January 2, 1917 as part of the newly formed Federation of Jewish Philanthropies, known today as Federation CJA.

The Federation of Jewish Philanthropies united multiple Jewish organizations under one umbrella organization responsible for planning, coordinating and fundraising for the Montreal Jewish community and its network of social service agencies. At the close of that first campaign, which lasted just 4 snowy days, $127,000 was raised – close to 50% more than the agencies were able to raise separately the year before. And thus, the community was able to develop its own social safety net and the notion of the collective gift was born.

For close to 100 years, and through many waves of immigration to Montreal, Federation CJA has been at the heart of fortifying the Montreal Jewish community as well as playing a central role in supporting Jews worldwide during their time of greatest need. Our collective history, the modern-day history of the Jewish people, can be told through the lens of the Federation. From the Great Depression to the atrocities of World War II to the trials and tribulations of the fledgling State of Israel, through the arrival and absorption of Jews fleeing Arab countries, and the hope of Operations Exodus and Solomon, we have been there every step of the way – helping, supporting, and connecting. The dedication of the Montreal Jewish community has made it one of the strongest in North America.

Thanks to an unparalleled network of affiliated agencies and communal organizations, no other organization has the depth and breadth to support the community today, evaluate our community’s changing landscape, and capitalize on our most exciting possibilities. And as we look ahead to the next century, we take pride in celebrating our rich legacy of innovation and achievement, of vitality and vision, and together, will continue to positively shape our community long into the next century.

This is our debt to our ancestors, and our promise to future generations.

The year 2017 also marks a year of many important anniversaries. In addition to our 100th it is also Montreal’s 375th, Canada’s 150th, the 50th anniversary of Expo 67, and the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, pivotal in supporting a Jewish homeland. We are proud to join in these celebrations, and will be creating opportunities for overlap where possible.