Important Information about Your Canadian Jewish News Subscription

Since its inception, Federation CJA, through the generosity of its donors, has been a proud supporter of the Canadian Jewish News. For over 40 years, the Canadian Jewish News has been an important source of information and connection to our community, locally, nationally and even internationally, and for this we are deeply thankful. 

Following the paper’s unexpected decision to close in 2013, Federation CJA ensured continued funding for four more years in order to facilitate the CJN’s revival with the understanding that the paper would transition to a self-sustaining model in the future. The final funding agreement ends today, March 31, 2017.
It is for this reason that you may have received communication directly from the CJN advising you of a change in subscription status. We apologize that we were not made aware of this communication so that we could advise you in advance.
Over the years, and particularly in 2013, our community has voiced their interest in the continuity of the Canadian Jewish News Montreal edition as a vital Jewish communications vehicle. We are confident that this support will translate into subscriptions. In fact, the one-year subscription cost, at less than $1 per issue, is an excellent value. We urge our donors to subscribe as soon as possible in order to continue enjoying the paper. The limited time offer of $36/year expires on April 30, 2017.
To subscribe, please visit and choose “Subscription Offer Montreal Federation” or use promo code M17CNVRT. You can also call the CJN directly at 1-866-849-0864.
Thank you in advance for your support of the Canadian Jewish News and for your understanding.

Evan Feldman
President, Federation CJA
David Amiel
First Vice President, Federation CJA
Deborah Corber
Chief Executive Officer